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Matt Cutts Upgrades WP and then gets hacked…

Matt Cutts Upgrades WP and then gets hacked…

Wow Matt upgrades WP and um gets hacked – WP 2.2 time already? 🙁

Is there some kind of discredit WP agenda going on?

Not good.

edit:Um hold on, could this be anApril fools joke? Lol if it is, too funny, it got me! 😀

Rob Watts
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2 thoughts on “Matt Cutts Upgrades WP and then gets hacked…

  1. robwatts Post author

    I think so too Frank. I saw it without my glasses 1st off.Upon closer inspection I noticed various hackzorisations of various peoplesnames i know in the space. Add to that the references a few hours prior to iffy looking referal strings and his blog slowing down and just looks far too much of a set up. I commented on his blog yesterday regarding hacks and xss referal strings. Perhaps I inspired him 😉

    In the words of that old bat in a well known Monty Python film, ‘he’s a very naughty boy’

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