funky ranking shit

The cant rank for jack shit looky likes a penalty penalty

Interesting, it seems like a ranking penalty has been applied to, that or some funky Korean hijack has had the effect of kicking this domain out of the rankings

Go try a search for any of my unique title strings and see what comes up! I tried,, .com, .ie, .in, .jp google domains and all returned the same.

Here is unique page from this site.

Here is the Google result for a search for the unique string, notice that doesn’t appear anywhere on the first pages.

The interesting thing about this apparent penalty is that pages from my domain appear in about position 60 odd for a 92 result SERP. For a unique ‘in quotes’ search it isn’t returned within the 7 results returned, yet the page concerned has both pagerank and a cached representation.

There is a slim chance that the  ‘enjoy Korea’ (see graphic) result that frames this site is having an  impact,  but it seems unlikely.

I’ve had penalties before (not here) it goes with the territory of PTASHFYCG  (push test and see how far you can get). Great for learning and ultimately harmless, well perhaps not so for me at the time, but in terms of getting to know how far you push before you break it then priceless.

I have to say, it does look like a penalty yet… OTOH, maybe someone decided it’s warranted, not for spamming or anything like that but for simply being a contrary oppositionist, I’ve certainly said a thing or two in the past that might just have put a nose or two out of joint.

Where’s that old rascal Igor when  you want him 😉

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