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WP Forum Plugin – Trialing

WP Forum Plugin – Trialing

I’m trialing a new wp plugin called simple forum. Its pretty cool, I see lots of uses for it on quite a few blogs that I’m running.

You can see it in action over at my Blog Forum page 😀

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  • I don’t really have the user base here yet to really see this thing fly here, but its good to kick around and experiment with.

    If you play with it at all let me know what you think.

    Maybe you’d like to see specific forums added, or maybe you just want to go in there and make a little noise and cause a rumpus 😉 .

    Let me know what you think, I’d love to hear your views.

    Rob Watts
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    10 thoughts on “WP Forum Plugin – Trialing

    1. Andy Beard

      There are a few Forum plugins I have played around with so far, and even still have a link for a forum on my blog, but I haven’t pinned down which one to use.

      An alternative is to use BBPress, or a dedicated forum script that has some WordPress integration available.

    2. robwatts Post author

      I remember looking into this about a year or so ago. I ended up getting a bit of a headache with it all as most I looked at weren’t very well integrated at all. I like this one thus far, although it is early days and I’d probably want to hack up it a little to get some cross blog forum pollenation.

      Of course, threaded blog comments similar to that used on your blog are a related option too, so I might take that route instead/also.

      What I like about the forum option is that its far more structured and logical in layout and approach. Some people like that stuff,or at least the success of various forums would seem to indicate at least.

      Again its experimental, I’ll either get all enthused and attack it with relish or find its just not really adding to this thing here and use it elsewhere.

      Time and a little play about will tell of course.

    3. John

      Rob, apart from your forum, have you seen any running under a heavier load, busier I mean. Would like to see an installation with all features being used and have a poke around!

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