Comment spammers suck bottom

I like the Akismet spam catcher feature of wordpress, it catches a shed lot of stuff that I’d otherwise have to fanny about with.

Occasionally it makes a little mistake and puts a genuine comment or two in to the sin bin but on the whole it does a pretty good job.

Usually I just delete and forget, but today one actually raised a smile so here I am blogging about it.


I found myself thinking, well um…, if I knew who you were I’d really love to answer.

I’d like to be able to track you down and ask you why you seriously bother with this stuff. Do you really think it works anymore? What do you expect me to say in response to your post? Gee thanks! 😀 I’m so glad you stopped by and shat on my page 😀 Please do come back and shat some more, thanks very much no really! No, exactly, unlikely.So ok, if you are an A grade arse (and I suspect you are) you probably use some kind of automated script that scans serps and looks for various strings in various well known blog platforms hoping that you hit lucky and find a blog that doesn’t premod or add nofollows. Heck, I bet you don’t even care about the nofollow thing too, its a link after all right?

Its not victimless dude, it wastes peoples time, its negative karma, it’ll come back and bite you on the arse, do yourself a big one and stop…At least consider using the little tenure you have left on this earth to do something meaningful and productive, this really isn’t good stuff, seriously.

So if any Y! rep out there is reading this and has a way of locating mr and deleting his arse out of existence then hey, dont let me stop you, I’m sure he’d appreciate it. 😀



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