Server Outage

The 2nd floor of IFL2 had a total loss of power this afternoon. 3 hours is like forever in this internet world of ours.

Its a pain. You have to go in to your PPC accounts and turn the buggers off, meanwhile you are stressing cos you just know your customers are going to be on the phone imminently added to which all you can tell them is its being attended too. They forget about the other 364 days of trouble freeness and just humph and grump at the massive inconvenience of it all, can’t blame them I spose, they’ve paid for a service and want it up, as do I.
Anyways, I’m glad to be back, I’ve fielded 35 where are my email questions, so am now gonna sit down and have a hot chocolate and general lookabout.

What do you do when your provider drops the ball? Do you get all stressed or do you just shrug and go for a walk?

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