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I’m an SEO expert, no really I am, trust me, you have my word

I’m an SEO expert, no really I am, trust me, you have my word

I’m watching Ugly Betty, but only half heartedly, just can’t get into it, so i start flicking through the wordpress tag link in the control panel of this install. I came across this site entitled “Do You Want to Double your PR for the Next Update”.
Anyhow,I almost felt moved to comment and say, well no actually mate, that’s a lot of old tosh, but upon reflection thought nah, what’s the point he’ll either get miffed at my audacious brass neck daring to question his ‘expertise’ and the like, and either delete what I say, or just try and argue black is blue.

He says a few things about so called ‘Dangerous Mistakes’ and the ‘Killing of Pagerank’ and well, you’ve probably read similar stuff in a form somewhere or other. His central claim is that a PR5 site had 15 Errors and a PR3 had 83, ergo the greater number of errors is the cause of the lower PR. Did you get that nugget? If you have low pagerank, its because you have html errors and need to validate your code.

.PR5 Site Had 15 Errors and PR3 Site Had 84 Errors

..Don’t You Think You Killed Your Pagerank. Html Causes Trouble With the Google Bot.Hence They Cannot Read Your Html Completely and They Abandon Your Site HalfWay.Giving You Only Half of the Pagerank…

Yup, there ya go.

This Googlebot, you know – the one that is part of that big old do no evil organisation apparently has issues with bad html and does things like half pagerank when it encounters it.

Well Mr ProBuzz, sorry but that is not true. Might be at some point in the future, but today, simply not true. You are misinforming your readers and should add a big portion of IMHO at the bottom of stuff like that.

Ok, I’m being a teeny bit ugly perhaps. Maybe its this show Ugly Betty, everyone is kinda mean to her too, but come on please; where do people get these ideas from?

The reason I’m a little gnarled (just a small bit) is that there are people who are reading his stuff and thanking him for his valuable info. People who obviously know no better, people who are taken in by a few words that seem to be ok yet when put under any spotlight of observation and scrutiny suddenly fall to pieces.

Its not a huge leap away from my pet peeve of those people who say, ‘give us just 100 dollars a month and we will submit your site to 20 million search engines’. Cos what happens subsequently, is that after they’ve spammed businesses with a zillion and one emails, is this.The companies who have been spammed/suckered/taken in/mugged off, subsequently view all things SEO related as laden in snake oil. When they subsequently contact people like me, I’m left with this huge job of work explaining to them that it takes a hell of a lot more to succeed on line than a directory link in a few spammy FFA’s. Once bitten twice shy, one is left having to restore confidence to a person who is looking at you through squinted eyesand all because its too easy for some arse to rip joe bloggs off.

IMHO, of course πŸ˜€

Anyways, I’m an SEO expert, no really I am, trust me, you have my word…

Rob Watts
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12 thoughts on “I’m an SEO expert, no really I am, trust me, you have my word

  1. Lyndoman

    I know what you mean about Ugly Betty, the wife loves it though.

    The things is with this guy is he is probably making money peddling his crap.

    It makes you wonder.

    BTW, cool widget design πŸ˜‰

  2. robwatts Post author


    >BTW, cool widget design πŸ˜‰

    Heh, well um, twas inspired by a thing I saw on this dark coloured site I visited earlier in the day..;)

    All the best ideas in this game are usually half inched! πŸ˜€

  3. Lyndoman


    It would be interesting to see how this widget thing pans out, for instance it would be cool to see a sevice which emails you once a particular Myblogloguser comes to your site.

    Which makes me think it would be easy to grab a users IP address.

    Or a tracking device where all Mybloglog sites are tracked for one user. For example “Matt Cutts is now at such and such blog” Everyone one follow, lol.

  4. robwatts Post author

    Yes, the widgety thing has all sorts of potentials for enhancing generally the whole interactivity social thing.I do like the way those little icons say, oh btw, so and so just popped round for a read…

    That tracking thing…when you think about it, it really is that simple isnt it just? Could have a page that said, today Joe Bloggs went here, here, here and here, he read this and that and stayed on this for 22 minutes and read this article here 4 times.OTOH, would we allow it? On a privacy front, the semi frightening thing is that *if* they wanted to, they could actually do it and we’d be clueless to it all.Ok, perhaps only for sites that contained that code, but can you imagine the power that gives them.

    A cynic might argue that behind closed doors armed with such access, they’d say cobblers and just do it anyway. Maybe thats another reason why Y! stumped up 10 squillion Dollars!

  5. Lyndoman

    In a world where telepathy is rampant there can be no liars.

    If everyone knew everything about everyone wouldn’t that be fun. But I do not want my browsing habits revealed, remember aol releasing the data?

    What if mybloglog got hacked and the data used?

    I can’t see porn sites using the widget, else you would just see a lot of hairy crusty blokes, viewing the hot lesbo action websites, lol. Good way to blackmail.

    But what would be cool for geeks would be mobile phone text alerts that tell you when such and such has visited your site.

    It’s a brilliant service with fantastic ways for it to go wrong.

    Just delete your cookie when you visit syndic8, hehe.

    I have a vision of Scott Rafer sitting in front of a hundred monitors with white cat on lap monitoring all the sites people visit, haha.

  6. robwatts Post author

    Heh, yes the potentials on both sides of the divide are huge..I feel a privacy widgety post is in the offing πŸ˜€

    LOL @ the pr0n reference, can you imagine, so and so of blah blah company was today seen doing a drive by pr0n flick at big busty blondes .com. Ha! funny.

    >But I do not want my browsing habits revealed, remember aol releasing the data?

    See this is the thing. My positive trusting self likes the feature. I love what it adds to the mix, it spices it up, adds an extra human dimension to the mix. Its just when you put on your cynical real world, clouded by experience head, it can begin to look a little iffy.

    We shall see of course, interesting times. πŸ™‚

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  8. robwatts Post author

    Hi Anthony, agreed thats the thing, thats why people who say things that aren’t necessarily true need to be called out and put right, its an education thing.

    Oh and thanks for the kind words on the blog, I agree its looking pretty slick! – I can’t take too much credit for that though, its a fine piece of work, hats off to Mr Mueller (see footer) for that πŸ™‚

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  10. HOBO SEO

    That is utter tosh and well reprimanded although I see the site has been removed for violating WP terms – interesting!

    To get a high PR all you need to do is get a lot of links from high pr pages (or indeed a lot of pages). No one knows if Google assigns real PR the moment they spider a page so a TBR site of 0 might very well be a 5 and show as such 3 months later.

    High PR = Lots of links. Although you cannot say for 100% anything is right or wrong, the thought that bad html is the cause of low PR is, frankly, bollocks.

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