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Dmoz re-opens its add url feature, maybe they should just shut it again

Dmoz re-opens its add url feature, maybe they should just shut it again

Aaron wall reports that DMoz has re-opened its add url or suggest a site feature.

So there you have it.

If you have a site and fancy hanging about chasing them up to see if your site has been accepted you know what to do. Hell, if you really want to, you can go over to their forum (assuming they re-open it) and get flamed by a bunch of arrogant rude feckers who will tell you that they are just volunteers, or tell you that DMoz doesn’t exist for the benefit of webmasters, or tell you that your site is an affiliate, or tell you that your site sucks etc etc blah blah blah.

There was a time when it paid to be in DMoz, maybe there still will be, who cares, I don’t. I don’t need them, they don’t need me. End of. I’ve done perfectly well without them. My life hasn’t been poorer for their not being around to add sites to. In fact its probably been a whole lot richer. I’m with the many other detractors out there who have had an uncomfortable experience or two with the odd self inflated wanker over there. Lord of the flies, power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely and all that stuff. That whole meta super status bollocks set up they have, ran like some 3rd world dictatorship of the proletariat.

I could be wrong of course. They may have had a clearout. Someone somewhere may have had an epithany and screamed jesus, look at what this has become.

See what I really don’t get is towards the end of its usefulness the message people were getting was DMoz doesn’t exist for the benefit of webmasters. Some of its meta editors were more or less saying, don’t submit, our editors will find sites worth adding, we really don’t need or want your submissions. There was this huge anti SEO mindset. People like me were viewed as some kind of sub human low life out to corrupt some jewelled piece of antiquity. If you dared actually question them, then they were on you like a rabid pack of attack wolves. It really wasn’t worth the bother, unless you were a glutton for punishment. You were viewed with suspicion, like you were some kind of virus out to infect the hive, at least, that was my experience.

So why has it re-opened? Why why why? Are things going to be different or something? Are they actually going to get hold of the concept of politeness there? Maybe they’ll make it all a whole lot more transparent. Maybe they’ll set up a system that shows you where you are in the queue. Maybe they’ll introduce proper management systems that get rid of that whole elitist set of bollocks they had there.

Sorry, but the whole thing was dead in the water in my book, its a shame it can’t stay that way. We have the Y! directory, we have a zillion and one other smaller niche directories I’d be happy for it to stay dead. Unless maybe, they were brave and decided to wikitize it, now that could be very interesting indeedy… 😉
P.s Ok, so there are a whole bunch of people who edit there or edited who were perfectly nice good people, Im not saying that all volunteers there were wankers, far from it, just a vocal minority who shall remain nameless.

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2 thoughts on “Dmoz re-opens its add url feature, maybe they should just shut it again

  1. David Sakol

    I just had the door slammed in my face by an arrogant, nasty DMOZ editor who, had he been wearing an SS uniform would I am sure, have happily shipped me off to Auschwitz because I asked what happened to my listing. What a ill-mannered idiot! I waited weeks for their Update Listing form to re-appear so that I could change the title and description of my listing which, after 7 years, had been arbitrarily changed by a DMOZ editor and was entirely wrong. On submitting the update form my listing immediately disappeared from its category and for four weeks I have been waiting for it to return.

    I want to make an official complaint but cannot find to whom or where I should address it. For obvious reasons I don’t want to post it at the DMOZ resourse. I understand DMOZ is under the auspices of Netscape. Can anyone confirm?

  2. robwatts Post author

    Hi David

    You are not the 1st and won’t be the last to feel hard done by by that little crew.

    I really wouldn’t bother my arse wasting any more energy on them than you have already. Its simply not worth the time and energy. Even if you complain, nothing will happen, someone somewhere might pay you lip service and yes true also, you might be exceptionally fortunate and get a positive outcome too. I wouldn’t bank on it though!

    Have a read up on social media. Look at technorati, Digg, reddit, delicious, mybloglog. Network with other bloggers and site owners in your niche; spend more time working on and improving whatever site it was you were trying to promote, create some buzz! You’ll get a whole lot more links and traction that way.

    The days of getting big boosts from things like DMoz and the like are gone. It just doesn’t cut it anymore, submit (if you must), forget, then move on.

    IMO, they just really aint worth the aggravation. Good luck with it all too 🙂

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