Most directories suck and could do a whole lot better

My friend Lyndon was talking about SMO (Social Media Optimisation) and directories the other day and pissed a couple of people off. He was damn right too.

Most directories are useless rubbish

Bog standard web directories are not worth a cold cup of ****. A directory that sells on the basis of PR is asking for its link-pop-pass on ability to be stripped away.
See, for me, the whole get links from lots of directories on different IP’s thing is so frickin 2003 its not even funny any more! Most can be knocked up in two seconds flat and then populated with a dmoz script or Y! scrape. Most if not 99.9% of them offer very little value at all othe than the ability for joe bloggs to be able to drill down and find or add a site in an area they want to. Usually they are plastered with adsense adverts in the head of the document, designed to attract the users eye and take them away from the people who have paid to list. Funny.

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Run a local business? Get directorified!

John Andrews posted today about MFA (made for adsense ) sites appearing in #1 place positions in competitive SERPS (search engine results pages)

One of his commenters remarked

A lot of our customers are small, local area businesses that serve their niche market very well, but the top SERPs are dominated by directory knockoffs like the one you mention above, often by national websites with huge PR but no real quality Maine-based services or content… Just oodles of keywords and links to sites which they extort a huge amount of money from to list.

If you follow this stuff with any level of intensity then you may have noticed a thing or two. This got me thinking about the current state of SERPs today and how frankly, nothing very much (the inception of local aside) has changed that much at all. Directories still cut it over and above singular business entities.

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Dmoz re-opens its add url feature, maybe they should just shut it again

Aaron wall reports that DMoz has re-opened its add url or suggest a site feature.

So there you have it.

If you have a site and fancy hanging about chasing them up to see if your site has been accepted you know what to do. Hell, if you really want to, you can go over to their forum (assuming they re-open it) and get flamed by a bunch of arrogant rude feckers who will tell you that they are just volunteers, or tell you that DMoz doesn’t exist for the benefit of webmasters, or tell you that your site is an affiliate, or tell you that your site sucks etc etc blah blah blah.

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