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Add value to your WP blog posts with digg dugg

The other day I added digg dugg to my list of plugins. Its pretty cool I like it. I was looking at a way of pulling in some related material to tag on to the bottom of my blog posts. I wanted to be able to plugin a keyword and…

Is Jason Calacanis a link baiting troll asshat idiot retard?

A few folks at  TW happen to think that some guy named Jason Calacanis is a bit of a Troll  Asshat idiot   Retard…I can’t comment as to whether he is or not as I really dont know the guy well enough to make such an assessment. Apparently he thinks that 90%…

Web PRO News Videos from Search Conferences

Web Pro News have put together some really good videos together over at their site. This link here entitled the do’s and dont’s of Digg is a great discussion on doing well in Digg as well as things to avoid. Its also a good general discussion around social media, tips…

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