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7 gift ideas for men and geeks

7 gift ideas for men and geeks

Christmas  Gift Ideas for Geek and Dudes

So it’s Monday morning and a year to the day of the first post I’ve decided to edit this one and add and subtract  a product or two so, here are a few gift ideas for dudes and geeks.

Looking for Xmas gifts for ones dad or brother, or boyfriend or husband  at Christmas is never easy – I’m not saying this post will make that task any easier either and most of these ideas for Christmas gifts are quite probably a little out of the budget range for some, but…,you might be feeling generous so what the hey. There’s a mixed bag ranging from a tenner up to a couple of k, so fill your proverbial boots and happy Christmas shopping! 

Zagg Sparq Ipad/ Iphone Dual USB Charger

First off, a damn handy present for iPhone heads like me would be a
iPad iPhone Dual Portable Charger in the manufacturers words “Energize your digital life with four times the portable power: the ZAGGsparq 2.0 is the standard for on-the-go charging. Convenient for travelers and business people, it carries four complete recharges for most power-hungry smart phones. The ZAGGsparq 2.0 recharges with a standard outlet and provides two USB ports for powering mobile devices. Perfect for everything from cell phones to hand-held gaming systems. Dead batteries and expensive spares are a thing of the past.” Looks pretty good if you ask me!

150 things every man should know

150thingsWe men like random stuff, so here’s a book that looks a lot of fun and is probably going to be a big success -”150 Things Every Man Should Know: Telling You the Things Your Best Friend Can’t” .  Fundamentally a lot of us are a little bit dumb and could do with reading stuff like this, just to remind ourselves or save face of asking a smartass who does. Not quite worked out the how to shave without cutting yourself bit yet? (see below for another answer)  or not sure of your ‘having a piss etiquette’ or what about more mundane topics  ‘tie tying’, ‘tyre changing’ . The dude it seems has written a book to solve all these woes. I haven’t read it, but if I got it in my Xmas stocking, then I’d probably smile and read it.

Macbook Pro

macbook-proI must say I’ve always like Apple products , they are stylish, reliable, cool and geeky. My daughter has a mac book, she’s had it for a while. I’ve never used it but it does have a certain style and difference to it that for whatever reason, traditional PC manufacturers just haven’t quite managed to emulate.  We had a visitor to the office the other day who was raving about the coolness of his new apple macbookpro saying how fast and light and generally brilliant it was and I must confess I did start to think, hmmn, I see where he’s coming from.

In any case, you can buy a Macbook Pro for as little as £749 for a 13inch or for £1795 you can get a new MacBook Pro 17inch with its 2.8GHz processor 4GB ram 500GB hard drive.

iPhone 4

iphone-apps-1Next up on my I’d love to have is the IPhone4 – I still have an iphone 3g, – I like it, it’s very cool, it has bundles of apps and does lots of cool stuff. It is kinda deficient though in some respects, it’s missing the whole video thing. I can’t upload video content to places like youtube and posterous,  it isn’t as fast and it’s really crap for battery time. That said, it’s an amazing piece of technology that I can read emails on,  read webpages, tweet, facebook, audioboo etc.

So please, any budding Father Christmas’s out there who’d like to treat me to one,  I’m pleased to tell you that you can buy the  iphone 4 new from  £610-00. Yep, a lot of money for a phone, but this is no ordinary phone after all. This is a phone on steroids.

Android Phone

androidOr maybe you don’t like Apple stuff – perhaps you are turned off by the whole idea and want something a little bit more flexible – Android smartphones look pretty cool and their functionality is pretty much on par with iPhones.

I’ve seen a few videos over the past year or so, one in particular that caught my eye was augmented reality – in plain speak this a feature that overlays what your camera see with map and locational data. So lets say that you are in location x and want to get a better feel for where you are, then this phone hooks up with things like Google street view and has the ability to label places and reconfigure the vista as you move. Another neat function was the ability to hook it up to Google base and get prices from shoips without even entering the store – need to get the best priced camera in Tottenham Ct Road? No problem just walk down the street, enter the product name, point and scan the high street and the various prices will flash up on your screen overlaid on the shop it locates. This HTC Hero Sim Free Android Smartphone is listed at £369.99 from amazon.

Braun Series 7 Shaver

braun-series-7I hate shaving, most men do. Show me a man who enjoys a shave and I’ll show you a man who erm..has too much time on his hands. My daily shave ritual usually entails, lathering up, plugging in a new mach 3 shaver head bought at the exorbitant price of around £9 for 5 shaves. Every now and then ( more often than not) I cut myself. It’s a pita – face bleeds, tissue gets stuck to said cut, and you sit on the train looking like the dummy who cut himself shaving again. So, no more of that methinks, it’s time to save on my shave! ( ok poor choice of pun but you get the enthusiasm, no? ) Enter the Braun Series 7 790cc Shaver in addition to the fact it has the words 790cc in its title ( WTF motorbike engine size speak) it also sounds like it belongs in a start trek episode and is adorned in the same colours as what miss 7 of 9 used to wear. It has  an almost robot R2D2 look to it, leading me to conclude that the designer was definitely a trekkie and star wars fan too. It isnt cheap mind, but over time It would certainly save some time, pain and money too.  It’s priced at £165 ( reduced from the RRP price of £249.99) so even if you spend just £5 per week to shave, you’ll be quids in within a year and have less war wounds too. Jesus look at me, I sound like a fonkin salesman.

X Rocker Pro Gamer Seat

x-rocker-proI like the look of this – I might even buy Jord one for Christmas. Its a seat for gamers. I’m not that much of a gamer myself, but I could just nestle down and have more of a go with this thing. It has surround sound, sub woofers, wireless, it even vibrates too which is bound to push any gamer experience up a notch, and for fat boys like me, might even be adaptable to some kind of massage game. Do they sell massage games for Xbox? You can buy the X-Rocker Profor £129.99 or get it at boys stuff for £199.

So there you have it, just a few ideas for xmas gifts. If you happen to make a purchase from any of these links I should point out that I do get a small commission ( painfully small I might add). That said I have shopped around and believe it or not amazon in most cases was often cheapest simply because of the various relationships its established with product providers.

I can’t tag this post, my db is borkden, so please no whinges or whines about my lack of categorisation or tagging, ta! Happy shopping!.

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