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Adding links to the copied user clipboard and appending a link to the text

Tynt’s a great product, I like it it has a cool stats page and overall I think it’s a great innovation. Check it out if you don’t know what it does. I wanted something similar that wasn’t dependent on a 3rd party service that I could play with and tweak…

Playing With Attribution Modelling and Getting Aha moments

Playing With Attribution Modelling and Getting Aha moments

One of the great things about working for yourself is that subject to resource you can virtually do what you like. I┬áspend far too many hours messing around with what I’ve learnt over the years and applying aspects that will offer limited return. I guess I do it because it’s…

Google Position One Accounted for 75% of Clicks #ajaxserps

SERP Ajaxification Gives Your GA Data Juice! I read a great post yesterday on Joost’s blog by Andre Scholten that discussed tracking keyword ranking positions in Google Analytics – genius and well, I could babble on about it forever as it has been the missing part in any analysis for…

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