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Brand Building – How social media sites help build your brand

Brand Building – How social media sites help build your brand

Anyone who’s been paying attention to anything worth paying attention to recently will no doubt be aware of the many social media resources out there today. Facebook, Digg, Stumbleupon, Reddit,, Myspace etc blah blah blah. I’m sure you don’t need an exhaustive list (thats’ for another blogpost perhaps)

Anything that’s frequented by large numbers of people in an area that you have an interest in should be something worthy of your consideration. If it isn’t then you are missing a huge trick. The opportunities for connecting with real people are just waiting to be snapped up. People want to connect with like minded people with like minded ideas. They’ll enjoy becoming familiar with the guy who stumbles stuff they like, the guy whose icon is always on a story somewhere.

Getting out and being sociable

The guy who is Stumbling or Digging or Sphinning or Bumping blog stories will at somepoint make it to the top of a list somewhere, his ‘brand’ will become increasingly associated with the ‘products’ that he is pushing. As time progresses he may even be seen as some maven, the opinion former, that guy who spots ‘good’ things and brings them to the attention of others.

Lets look at my friend Lyndon a Cornwall SEO. Lyndon also writes great linkbait articles . Lyndon is a top Stumbler, Digger, and Sphinner. He doesn’t Sphinn or Digg or Stumble just any old tosh – no, he pushes items that are interesting and have something to say. It is one of the reasons why he has a good little network going on in all 3 places. Unsurprisingly enough, a knock on effect of this promotional love is that his friends invariably talk about him.

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Making the most of the social media tools

Good social media sites like Sphinn have the added bonus of helping your brand, or in this case Lyndon’s by getting his face on to the pages of Sphinn that are frequented the most.

Sphinn’s home page shows their ‘Hot Topics’ these are the stories that are currently receiving the most ‘Sphinns’ from people reading blogs that are Sphinn enabled.

Practically every day this week I’ve seen Lyndons face on the front page. In other words myself and practically everybody else with a finger anywhere near the carotid artery of search marketing may at somepoint have noticed that guy with the red boat race peering out at them.

Sphinn wise, Lyndon has made a number of noteworthy inroads. He is already a top Sphinner on their ‘Greatest Hits’ page. By being a top Sphinner, he also gets a little kudos from his peers, the page linking to his profile also gets a dofollow link just one page deep from the Sphinn homepage. The Sphinn homepage is a well connected site that gets a lot of link love. By getting his link on to the their greatest hits page, Lyndons own site benefits from the resultant link love.

A look at Lyndons profile is also revealing. It shows that he is an active Sphinner. 80 comments 585 Sphinns, 48 Submissions with of these 35 going ‘hot’. Topics that go hot are usually promoted to the homepage. A direct benefit of getting Sphunn by Lyndon is that your story, whatever it is, will end up before the eyes of all manner of knowledgeable and connected people in search. What price a home page ad on Sphinn today I ask?

A combined look at his submissions and latest activity shows that he averages around 2 submissions a day. He joined the site mid July and has averaged around 9 Sphinns a day. Each little Sphinn helps bump that story up in the Sphinn attention hierachy. Those that benefit, remember such things and will usually act accordingly.

Lyndon is in good company too, he certainly isn’t alone. People like Andy, Maki , Chris, Sebastian, Loren to name but a few all actively sphinn and submit stories. They do so simply because they understand and recogniose the value and importance of the social side of this kind of stuff. They all write good stuff that receives lots of attention too. A net effect is that in all cases without exception, their brand awareness is increased. By associating with good stuff their reputation is enhanced.

What are you doing to build your brand and enhance your social media reputation?

Rob Watts
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14 thoughts on “Brand Building – How social media sites help build your brand

  1. Mike

    Great post, Rob. It reminds me that I really must start using my Sphinn account. I registered early doors but have done nothing with it since. I shall sit on the naughty step for the next five minutes and then head on over there…

  2. robwatts Post author

    Hey Mike, thanks, similar to yourself – I signed up ages ago and didn’t really use it to a great deal. I think mainly because I was prolly enmeshed in too many other similar new things going on at them time and though oh god not another Social media offering. Today, I’m really liking Sphinn, it’s a great little community with little noise and works really well offering great benefits to both those who simply wish to learn or promote. I can look to those who Sphinn stuff who I know or respect and in most cases end up reading something thats pretty on topic and every now and then revelatory even. Cant be bad. 🙂

  3. Lyndon Antcliff

    Interesting write up, lol.

    My first reaction to all this is, well it was easy, all I did was spend a few minutes each day submitting the cool stories I found.

    But thinking about it and after having a 5 hour power lunch with a hardnut-under the radar SEO dude, discussing the biz, I realise that after ten years of doing what I do I have so much information in my head. And that knowledge comes into play unconsciously. I don’t even have to think about it, which makes it easy.

    It is easy, but only if you do the hard stuff first. But the pond I swim in is very small so…..

  4. Becky

    Hi Rob,

    Saw your comment on MyBlogLog and you were leaving so I thought I best comment here–since you might not see it otherwise.

    I do not blame you for not wanting to set up a Yahoo account. Yahoo is lame. I would not have done so either if I did not already have an account.

    I also think the promise of MBL is falling short. It is to a large extent inhabited by hustlers and spammers. When they introduced community spammming I think that spoke volumes. I have not really been using it much for quite a while.

    Anyway you are in my blog roll on the actual blog, so I will continue to be a regular visitor.


  5. robwatts Post author

    Hey Becky

    I’m going to leave it all as it is, but won’t go back and login and do the merge thing. I’ll just wait for my IE7 cookie to die. I was messing around in Firefox at MBL and went in to edit my profile, when i did it then forced that login page on me. I know they told everyone and all but still…the fact is I do have a Y! account but I don’t want to associate it with MBL, I don’t want to create a new ID either, its just a hassle having to delete cookies and remember logins and all that nonsense too.

  6. robwatts Post author

    Hi David, thanks for dropping by and commenting.

    Yes, Lyndon’s a good example for making this particular point 😉

    As for Blogrush, Ive read all sorts of articles about it and think its a shame that some are exploiting it in the way that they are. I’m going to give it a go and see what happens. Its the ‘buzzy’ topic of the moment. Ive built up a nice head of steam in terms of credits too, ctr is very very low of course, but for now I’m sticking with it and seeing where it goes.

    Andy has a good thread on blogrush

  7. robwatts Post author

    Hi Fred, thanks for stopping on by – yes it looks like that’s a factor, although I don’t think you’d have to work too hard to penetrate the ‘inner’ sanctum. The great thing about this industry is that many of the active faces are nice friendly people. get Sphinning, and digging and stumbling and…;)

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