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BlogRush Stats

BlogRush Stats

David from sciencetext informed me that Blogrush had been pretty much a waste of space for him. So I thought I’d login and have a little look to see what I’d received from the program.

These are my  Blogrush Stats from Sept through to today. I’ve had 114 visitors in 3 months from 148,766 impressions from my network. That’s a low CTR for sure. I have about 52,000 credits in the bank, if anyone wants to buy them, you can have them for 10 cents per pop 😉 (jk)

The pluses – well… that’s 114 visitors I wouldn’t have had otherwise.

The minuses – it’s a bit of a stinky old conversation rate

Credits Earned: 148,766

Your Traffic: 8,390

Referal Network Traffic: 140,376

Bloggers in Referral Network: 20

Bloggers added to Referral Network:20

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