Blogrush – Join Blogrush, do it now!

Another new player on the blogosphere today is Blogrush. Looks like a neat way of getting traffic to your blog. If you use my link you’ll be doing me a huge favour too. Watch the video to find out more.

Rob Watts
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4 thoughts on “Blogrush – Join Blogrush, do it now!

  1. It is early doors to say whether it will be worth it or not long term, my guess is that its likely to be more positive than negative, especially for early adopters

    Besides, there’s no harm in giving it a bash and seeing how it goes. I’ve already had 1 new visitor today which i wouldn’t have had otherwise, so as far as I’m concerned its a good thing already.

  2. Blogrush was a waste of time for my site. I abandoned it last week having seen three whole visitors despite serving several thousand impressions for them over the course of a week or so…


  3. Sorry to hear that David, I’m going to do some number crunching later and do a follow up post on my experience of it. I haven’t looked at any stats for sometime. My got feeling is that it was definitley one of those early adopter things.

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