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Blog promotion quick and dirty short guide

Blog promotion quick and dirty short guide

Promote your blog…if you want to of course

Ever wondered how some people get more readers than others? Here’s a quick and dirty guide to gaining more readers and growing your blog base.

Sometimes it works on word of mouth. Some people have an exceptional ability for writing that others are just knocked sideways by and tell others.

Be it via email or IM or linking or just plain old fashioned conversation. After all, we aren’t all budding Billy Waggle Daggers and most of us (if we are interested even) will struggle to gain a big readership. It’ll be a slow long haul, but provided we write something thats legible and appeals to an audience of sorts, then overtime it will build. People like to be commented on and tend to comment on stories or issues that are of interest to them in some way. Be it making them laugh or cry or just striking a general chord.

There are things you can do to get yourself out there though, and there are lots of tools, techniques and websites that can help.

Social media Sites

Check out sites like mybloglog, stumbleupon, technorati, digg, reddit, delicious. Give your readers options. Make it easy for them to ‘Digg’ you or tag you. Use visual widgets to create a sense of community. Use the tagging option is your post fields as these enable sites like technorati to categorise your content and give them to people searching for those specifics words.

The more you get your content noticed within these sites , the more links and attention to your content and message you will get.

RSS feeds and subscriptions

Use the rss feeds and subscription options to enable people to subscribe and read your content in email and 3rd party reading devices. By syndicating what you do, your content will be picked up by news aggregator sites and will gain you those all important links in. Use feedburner to distribute and mange your feeds. It has some excellent back end monitoring and promotion tools and is well worth checking out.

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation

Try to write your content in a way that is structured and logical.

Title your blog in a way that makes sense and targets your main keyword or theme. Use proper headings to segregate your content. Use heading tags and structure them according to how the w3c suggests. Emphasis relevant words that are particularly relevant to the piece. Link to authority websites on your topic. Try to keep your blog or post central to the theme of what you are discussing. Resist the urge to go too far off topic. Think semantically, write in ways that use a rich variety of words that have a semantic relationship with your titles and content.

Try and ensure that javascript and css code is referenced via a call to a file, rather than being hard coded into the head of the document.

Use urls that are easy to link to and understand. If your page is of the type page.asp?var1=2&var2=8 then look to use a tool that enables you to rewrite those urls to more human friendly forms. People will be more inclined to click through to a kw laden url that in some way describes what the page may be about.
Be a link slut

Get your friends to link to you with keywords and phrases relevant to your post. If your post is about promoting a blog, then generally you want people to link to you with the terms promoting a blog in the link text.

Don’t be a spammer, but where possible use opportunities to gain links back to your blog. If you are commenting on a post that discusses blog promotion, then talk about it at the place you are commenting on and reference back to the url where you discussed it. Most blog owners will not have a problem with this and will welcome you taking the time to link in context, especially if you have written something that informs them.

Choose the right blogging platform
Try and use a blogging platform that has SEO built in. Look for one that puts your blog post title at the front of your post. WordPress is one good example, drupal is another.

Look for a blog that enables you to populate the meta description tag of your webpage with a fitting relevant description.

Blogs that offer plugin options are great for adding extra features and integrating additional content.

The richer your resource, the more likely you are to get attention and links.

Be provocative

Write compelling unique content about stuff you have passion for or are familair with. Try and engage your reader, speak with authority and if you can’t then at least link to a few sources that do. In other words, create something that will be useful, something that will tease, or inform, or just plain entertain.

Use titles that will pull in your reader and make you stand out from the crowd.

Page titles are often used in search engine results, or outputted in digg or technorati pages to display to users. Try and be ironic, or obtuse, or outrageous if you have to; above all just try and be interesting. You have around 80 characters to make your impact, choose them well.


Of course, none of this might even matter to you. You may be one of these people who just writes because you enjoy it. You use it as a means of self expression, a means for banging out those diatribes or things you find otherwise difficult to share or gain feedback on in the standard everyday out there world. If this is the case, then just ignore all of this and carry on 😉

Rob Watts
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12 thoughts on “Blog promotion quick and dirty short guide

  1. Lyndoman

    You forgot the – get a tattoo on your backside with your url and running naked onto the pitch at the FA Cup Final – Not tried it as I’m not into football.


    Conduct an experiment or a research product in your sector and write about it. If you make it original and it illuminates an interesting issue or solves a problem people will link to you.

  2. robwatts Post author

    Hehe – Damn yes and the car sticker too of course 😉

    New things under the sun required please 😀

    Any spare passion and verve can be sent to…po box 123 blah blah blah

  3. Becky

    I just had to find out what a Billy Waggle Dagger was:)

    I am one of those who say I write to write–and that is truly my primary motivation. But, I think anyone that says that is not being totally honest with themselves. Anyone that writes wants people to read them–unless it is a personal diary–and that should not be something you want posted for the public.

    So, I do find myself doing things: I submit it to Digg, write a WTF for Technorati, etc. I do have a problem in doing some of the optimization things at the expense of what I consider good writing. For example, I have sometimes relented and put the key word right in the title–since I know that will rise to the top of the search results on Google. But, most of the time I refrain–it seems stilted to me–and usually something, that at least in my mind, is more creative comes to mind–so that is what I run with.


  4. robwatts Post author

    Damn, I think we need a long and comprehensive version Andy 😉

    Becky, happy to inform you on the BWD.

    Its a delicate balance too this seo stuff.

    It can be done in ways that doesn’t overtly corrupt your core message and of course, relevancy and scoring mechanisms will continue to improve overtime too. The title tag isn’t everything either, it counts for a lot, but not all. You can still beat a document in the serps via other means. It’s not a one club wins all game.

  5. Leftblank

    Very nice post, I’ve had tons of visitors from StumbleUpon – they usually only read one or two pages, but traffic is traffic!

    Another pretty good way to gain exposure is to exchange promotional articles wiht other blogs, or write guest articles on other peoples blogs. I’ve done that a couple of times, and usually – if your article is interesting – there will be quite some people who click through to your website.

  6. robwatts Post author

    @AgentSully – Hi there thanks for commenting, how are you getting on with WP?

    @ leftblank Hi, thanks for commenting

    I agree, good content is key. If you are saying something that speaks to people and connects in some way, then people will reference you and use what you say to perhaps validate a point and add weight to a position. That old virtuos circle thing! 😀

  7. AgentSully

    WP is great. I’ve learned a lot. It’s harder than Blogger, but once you start to know your way around it gets better. If you have any critiques I’d be open to hearing your opinion. Thanks!

  8. Shane

    Great post Rob! I like to network and find writing inspiration by doing a little blog-jumping. I’ll go to a site that I frequent and find some links out. Then I keep following new links to new places …

    Next thing you know, I’ve got a head full of crazy ideas, and I’m on the other side of the internet!

  9. robwatts Post author

    Thanks Shane

    That can be a problem! I do the same kinda thing, which is good really as it helps in the creative process. Site building and writing/creating new stuff with an edge isn’t the easiest thing in the world thats for sure. But hey, thats the beauty of the blogosphere, its full of little inspirational nuggets! 🙂

  10. youlki22

    Participation in forums and message boards can bring a lot of visitors to your site. So keep this tips in mind while promoting your blog. You can link your blog or site link as a signature and a lot of forums provide a space for your site introduction. You can avail that opportunity for blog promotion.

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