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6 SEO Blogs I try and read daily

6 SEO Blogs I try and read daily

What blogs do you read daily? I have quite a few in my feedreader some of which I check out daily. Here are my current flavours of the day.

  • Andy Beard – Andy writes some killer posts. Full of interesting little muses search and tech related. Don’t just take my word for it, go across and read his blog.
  • Communicontent – Nick is always pointing to new things and perspectives. If I want to read a post about product x or blog platform y, or fancy a chuckle at some rant of a podcast then I’m seldom disappointed.
  • Cornwall SEO – Lyndon is relatively new to this whole SEO blog thing. He’s made a flying start, I like his style, you will too, check him out.
  • DaveN – Doesn’t post with too much regularity, but when he does its often got a useful nugget or two embedded. He is a northerner though, so soft southern bastards beware.
  • GrayWolf – Engages in the odd spot of collective bash the idiot shenanighans, but usually not without good reason. Check him out though, he’s a good read and knows his stuff.
  • Matt Cutts – Whats there to be said about Matt Cutts that hasn’t already. The arch deflector of probing Q’s. What he says is often interesting and entertaining. As for what he doesn’t say…thars gold in dem dar hills.

I read a whole lot of other blogs and forums too, in fact far too many to list in any top 6 type post. Im amazed that I manage to get anything done at all! What with Threadwatch, High Rankings, Searchengineland, Bill Slawski, Lee Odden Peter Da vanzo, Darren Rowse Aaron Wall, Joe Whyte, SEG, WMW, Y!, googleblog, MSN Live, Digitalpoint, WPN, Cre8….I could go on and on and on for quite some time here.

I’m not as great a lover of forums as I once was. They are often either noisy or just a waste of time. Of those I do frequent, its often either to a. help out in some way because I’m in a philanthropic mindframe/bored witless or b. because Ive followed a link from a blog or a reader somewhere to some red hot topic.

This is the the whole thing with this SEO/SEM gig. You just have to read lots and lots of stuff everyday. Its an occupational hazrd. If you don’t then you might miss something important. You have to be selective with who you read too which is where a good feedreader really comes into its own. You want to read stuff put out by people who are ahead of the curve, or really into what they are doing.

There are a few places I don’t read at any more, simply because they slipped below my radar, they dont make it on to my map anymore, IOW, nobody talks about them, so they must be offering little of value; to me at least, else people would be gabbing about them.
IHY, v7, webmasterworkshop, SEW are a few that spring to mind yet there was a time when I’d pop in to them at least once a week, now its more like once a QTR if that!
Its also interesting how the personalities of these places shaped my thinking too. The absence of DS at SEW for example, kinda pushed the impetus towards SEL. Whereas the rants and raves of DH at IHY simply switched me off altogether.Even the rants became boring! An important lesson though. It shows that what you say and how you say it can and does have a lasting impact upon what you do. That old backrub thing, you scratch mine and I’ll scratch yours is as relevant as it is in the press keyboard environment as it is in the press flesh world.

People also remember who is and who isn’t nice to them, in this internet world, if you behave like an ass then its likely to be there for a while. As a result, people often thrive or die by their reputation, the phrase reap what you sow could never be so relevant in this particular space, just google or yahoo Dave Pasternack or Doug Heil for a little more insight.
So, what do you do to keep yourself on the ‘radar’ do you even think of your blogging in that way? Do you care even? Is blogging more about you and a bit of self expression, or is it a career building real world business thing?

Rob Watts
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4 thoughts on “6 SEO Blogs I try and read daily

  1. Lyndoman

    Hey Rob, thanks for the mention. I get all warm and fuzzy when I get mentioned in a list with the likes of Matt Cutts and Graywolf in it, haha. Not that I even come close to deserving it, at least not yet.

    I know what you mean about the Forums and about not visiting sites that start to lose it. I think some people get high on a bit of success and they think they are the dogs nads.

    It’s also true that rep is important. It soon spreads when someone acts like an idiot.

  2. robwatts Post author

    Hehe – I dunno Lyndon, I’m sure those guys would concede that they are nothing special! All our opinions are valid, its just a few of us manage to shout a little louder than most 😉

    Cheers Joe!

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