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3 lazy tips for those who can’t be arsed to hire an SEO

3 lazy tips for those who can’t be arsed to hire an SEO

SEO advice good or bad 

We all know that if we want to get lots of visitors and expect to get them from search engines then unless we apply a little SEO knowledge, we’ll never get past page 25 for our target keywords.

But is there a quick way to get off the ground? Especially if we don’t know where to start and can’t be fussed with what seems to be a torturous process of trying to work out who to employ or what to apply and in what way.

There’s a lot of stuff out there on SEO. Lots of it, page after page after page of opinion, speculation and hogwash.

When SEO is discussed for example what do they mean when they say

You need a few meta tags here and there?

Your title tags need to be looked at and changed?

Your copy needs to be rewritten?

Do they mean that you need to restructure everything and throw in lots of bold tags, links, H tags, blockquotes, off site links, nofollow links, url rewrites, increase keyword densities?

What do they mean when they begin to talk in terms of your pagerank or alexa score or external link building campaigns that-will-use-a-combination-of -social-and-historical-methods and yeah… wtf exactly does that mean even.!

 Most would be forgiven for taking the conclusion of, this SEO stuff is  a little confusing to say the least!

Just hire a professional SEO

I’d advise anyone who is serious about their website and clueless on SEO to go and hire an individual or firm who know what they are doing. Ask them for references, don’t buy any BS about monthly submission fees or ‘get you on 1st page of google in a week’ promises as you may as well just send it to my beer benevolent fund and let me drink it for you, I can promise you the same you know 😀

I’m a tightwad, I’m smart I can do it myself thanks, just gimmee a tip!

Ok, so you wish to persist on your own and want to have a little play around yourself . Ok, without further ad0 here are 3 little tips that you wouldn’t go too far wrong applying..

  1. Create something that is good – Kick arse with your content, do it better than everyone else.Have an idea or product that is good!If your website is crap, then improve it, add value now, before it goes down the tubes.

    Add a blog, use social mediums to drive it forward, ask yourself lots of questions and be honest with your answers. Would you want to buy your product from your website? Is your site the best at what it does? If the answer is no, then it’ll pay to think that the search engines might think the same too. If thats the case, then you could be stuffed pretty quickly. Can you afford to be so?

    The web is powered by links and in lots of ways, the words contained within those links. You need to get people to link to you in all manner of themed ways, to different areas of your site from as many different sites as possible. This is the juice that will power you up the ranks. If you don’t have it, then it will be very difficult to rank without it.

    Link juice will be very difficult to obtain if what you are selling or saying is nothing but a lot of old rubbish or same old same old. It takes hours of effort to manufacture artificial link popularity. Your time could be better utilised on improving your product. By creating something that is useful or buzz creating, you will get people talking about you and what you do.

    Use your blog to communicate with your visitors. Discuss your latest innovations or deals. Feedback to people who are enquiring of what you do. Show them a human side to your organisation/business/personality. Give them what they need.

    Ping the various social connecters out there – get active in your sphere, create excitement in your marketplace, stimulate your visitors, give them a reason to return. Give them the tools to talk about you in earnest.

  2. Use established site structuring techniques and good effective copyYou’d be amazed at the number of pages that fail at the very first hurdle of production.Go and read up about basic good page structureUse the title tag effectively.

    If your site has pages that say “Company name: about us section” or “Company name: our product section” then you really need to think about that and ask yourself what the value in that is. The short answer is there is very little.

    Everypage of a website should be different. Everypage should have a unique title tag that suitably heads up that page. If a page is about a Sony Vaio Ar21 then those words should come first within the tag.

    It sounds elementary and obvious but you’d be amazed at the amount of people out there who miss this singley important factor. Trust me <title>Sony Vaio Ar21 Laptop – Buy your Sony Vaio Ar21 Laptops here – read Sony Laptop reviews and more</title> works infinitely better than <title>Company name: Our Laptop products</title>.

    Use headings to head up your content and apply logic to what it is you are discussing.

    If a page is about the Sony Vaio AR21, then put those words in your H1 tag. Do not expect to just stick an image or a flash movie in there and expect it to do well. You have to tell both your visitors, and the search engine spiders that you would like to index your pages, what it is that your pages are about. Spiders cannot deduce meaning and context from that which they cannot see. Images and Flash movies and videos are more or less useless as they offer little means for either.

    Use words, and emphasise important words such as your product name – use related language to describe what you are selling or trying to promote. If you don’t want to take the time to look at your SERPs for examples of how this works, then go hire an SEO copywriter, ask to see examples of their work and look to see how these people are ranking.

    Use good link navigation throughout your site. Consider using breadcrumb trails throughout. Page > Subpage> Product name

    Clean your urls so they read nice. Read up on modrewrite and get rid of those session id’s and variable parameters.

  3. Discuss one topic or product per page. If you are selling products on your site then you need to have individual pages for individual products. Unless you are a craigslist or an Amazon or a dealtime or an ebay perhaps, you just will not rank for a product on a page that contains 20 other items.If you want to have any chance of ranking for individual keyword items, then you must seriously consider creating a separate page for each.

    If you have 100’s or 1000’s of products then invest in a database or spreadsheet and read up on dynamic page creation. It really isn’t too difficult, and will save you hours of editing and fannying about opening up separate files to do this that and what have you. Template design is where its at.

What you expected more? Sorry, maybe some other day 😀

Rob Watts
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13 thoughts on “3 lazy tips for those who can’t be arsed to hire an SEO

  1. Robyn

    Thanks for the tips, Rob. Any small improvements make a difference. For instance, I took time to sort out my most popular posts and put them at the side of my blog so that readers would have easy access.

  2. robwatts Post author

    You are very welcome Robyn :

    That’s a great idea too Robyn.Did you know that if you were on WordPress you could actually automate that process?

    A project for some other day perhaps 🙂

  3. brad shorr

    A VERY helpful article. Like most things, SEO looks easy until you try to do it yourself. One thing I notice is how quickly the rules change. Trying to keep up takes an enormous amount of time. I don’t see how anyone could do it unless they have an in-house SEO staff.

  4. robwatts Post author

    For me Brad, Its about not getting bogged down in the theoretical minutae. One swallow doesn’t make a summer and all that.

    One of the issues facing people is that in some respects its like going through a wood where you don’t know the way out and don’t have a compass. Until youve been through the terrain and made your various notches and signposts, you just aren’t going to be able to tell someone the way. Once traversed then its a relatively simple case of understanding that some notches and signposts might have attracted a little growth or been felled maybe, so a little adjustment might be needed to ones course.

    Without sounding too cliched its all aout observation observation and observation. Its all there for us to see, and for the things we cant (like human intervention) we just gotta take steps to ensure that those aspects will be sated too. IOW – good content, original useful stuff put together in the right kind of way, with the right kind of attributions should win out over someone doing it less efficiently/comprehensively.

    Algos have matured. If people think like a search engineer looking to make a good set of SERPs, then they should be ok.

  5. brad shorr

    Hi Rob, Great analogy, walking through the woods. The only thing I might add is that you need to know where you’re trying to go. When clients engage me for marketing support, they usually want to talk about a specific program or projects first. As we talk, it becomes evident the company hasn’t thought through what it really wants to accomplish. That’s a recipe for wasting money.

  6. robwatts Post author

    I hear that Brad – Its a difficulty Ive experienced in getting the message acrosss. Some companies, just ‘get it’ right off the bat whereas others are still stuck in traditional marketing trenches highly sceptical of the possibilities and opportunities that online marketing presents.

  7. Graphic Design Edinburgh

    Hi Rob,

    Thanks for visiting my design site, and for publishing this article on SEO.

    I’ve been looking into SEO recently, in order to gain some extra clients, but I’ve a long way to go before I understand the main ins and outs.

    All the best.

  8. robwatts Post author

    Hi David

    Nice use of anchor text there – you are learning fast already it seems 😉

    A little tip, some people might not take too kindly to anchor texted comments, today I dont mind so much, but just be mindful that others especially those who are really into this stuff might take it to be a little cheeky.

    I liked your little comment image tip over at your blog, so dugg and stumbled it. 😀

  9. David Airey

    Thanks for getting back to me Rob, and for that tip.

    It hadn’t occurred to me that people might find it cheeky, and that’s the last way I want to appear.

    That’s great you dugg and stumbled my post! Thank you kindly sir. 😀

  10. robwatts Post author

    No worries David, some aren’t even aware and I guess a degree of people mighn’t care too much either, just bear in mind that some do and will delete what you say in a heartbeat!

    If you think of in terms of plastering an ad on someones blog, it pulls into focus a little. Be it Viagra, Cheap Flights or some lesser competitive term, for those in the know, its akin to saying I’m using your blog to promote my site. The reality is in most instances if what you are doing is related in some way anyway, and you engage in conversations and what not – then people will talk about and link to you in any case, which is worth far more than any stab at a little link manip in a comment somewhere.

    As for the digg and the stumble, you are very welcome 🙂

    Oh, and thanks for the comment on BlogCatlog 😀

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