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Subscribe to my blog its bloody excellent I tell you!

Subscribe to my blog its bloody excellent I tell you!

Seriously, I kid you not, my blog is the best tech blog on the whole planet! Word for word it’s an 1800lb watch-very-carefully-and-learn-mindfest-of-OMGiness.

Ok, so maybe not, I’m just kidding, it certainly isn’t the best blog on the planet, not yet in anycase. I’ll have to work a whole lot harder to attain that heady status.

Which kind of brings me round to the question of what is the  best blog on the planet, and of how you even begin to  define such a thing.

We could start out by sending out questionaires to everyone who ever went online and read a blog and ask them… but yeah, that might take some time.

Then there would be the formulation of the list.

Dear Internet user

Here is a list of 50 million blogs. Do me a big lemon will you, have a little look and tell me what is your favourite and why.



p.s Sorry for the email, it’s not spam , honest.

Nah, that wouldn’t work too well. 50 million blogs is a lot of blogs on a lot of topics. I think we need to narrow it down a little at least. Lets stick to tech blogs 1st and see how we do.

We could start by looking at metrics and numbers and check out which blogs have the highest scores. lets try technorati.

Hmmn two metrics there. Most linked to, and most favourited.

I won’t list the 100 shown, I’ll just stick with the top 5 on each page.

Starting with most favourited we have with
2,719,  with  2,225,  Techcrunch 1,935,  1,766  and with 1,627 .

Most linked to we had Engadget in position 1, Boingboing position 2,   position 3, Techcrunch position 4 and in position 5.

So that’s a good start no? I now have 7 blogs which have lots of other blogs linking to them and lots of other people favouriting them too. I have to make a choice though, I only want to compare 5 so I guess I’d better decide which two to drop.

So using alexa to make a little graph lets see what I can come up with for the stray 4.

Ok, 2 clear winners, Gizmodo and Lifehacker. Lets now run all five through alexa and see what we get.

Wow, according to alexa boingboing is now in position 5.

So, we now have a list thats gone through 2 filters and we have.

1. Engadget 
2. Techcrunch 
3. Gizmodo
4. Lifehacker
5. Boingboing

Hmmn, maybe I can finesse this a little further. Perhaps I can use some linkage data from Yahoo’s site explorer tool and see if this corresponds with anything I have thus far.

1. Gizmodo 10,002,348
2. Engadget 8,448,057
3. Lifehacker 5,912,415
4. Boingboing 3,959,676
5. Techcrunch 2,918,058

Hmmn, I’m still none the wiser. Techcrunch has dropped from 2nd  to last, Gizmodo has risen to 1st whilst everyone else has fallen.

I could look at their reported feedburner numbers and see what they tell me..

1. Engadget  nothing reported
2. Techcrunch  587,000 readers
3. Gizmodo nothing reported but does show site stats

Total 8,221,664   
   Average Per Day 25,703   
   Average Visit Length 0:22   
   Last Hour 903   
   Today 9,435   
   This Week 179,924

4. Lifehacker  nothing reported
5. Boingboing damn nothing reported

At this point I think I’ll give up. It really seems that it all depends on who is doing the measuring and what exactly is being measured and how those figures can be influenced and by whom.I think I’ll stick with the tried and tested poll approach. Just need to get as many netizens to this page as possible and get them to vote…

Oh and psst, don’t forget to subscribe to my bloody blog its excellent I tell you blog, one day you’ll be able to brag and say, I subscribed to that blog when the guy had just a 150 readers 😉


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7 thoughts on “Subscribe to my blog its bloody excellent I tell you!

  1. Maurice (TheCaymanHost)

    Very good….good enough to persuade me to become “Subscriber 151” which sounds very 60’s Sci-fi 🙂

    Enjoyed reading this post and your blog and now look forward to reading more in the future.

  2. robwatts Post author

    @ Maurice – Excellent Maurice (Subscriber 151 😉 ), always happy to get a new subscriber 🙂

    @ Becky – Hey Becky, Im assuming you are talking about Blogrush? If so thanks! I’ll let you know, if not then um… thx all the same 😀

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