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The question train – this one stops at SEO central

The question train…where will your train stop?

If you have a question related to Internet marketing or SEO or social media or any related stuff, then drop me an email to watts underscore rob at hotmail dot com, and I’ll do my best to answer it.

Please don’t ask me questions in the comments. Email only please.
The type of questions I’m looking for are those that can be used to flesh out a full post.

Those that require a little bit more than a yes or no type answer 🙂

Maybe a good FAQ will be an outcome, maybe it’ll just stimulate an interesting post or debate even.

Make your own question train get your readers talking 

Why not make your own little question train?

We all have our  specialisms and areas of expertise, why not ask your readers to ask you stuff too?

David could invite people to ask him questions related to Graphic Design, Robyn could get people to ask her questions related to the mind, Meg could get people to ask her about some of the great sites she has built or how to be a good blogger, Jason could get people to ask him questions about raising funding for new ventures, Darren could get people to ask him how to make money online, Andy could get people to ask him question about blogging and niche marketing, Shoemoney could get people to ask him questions about affiliate marketing,  Shane on Business ideas,  Mike about tips on drawing cartoons , Lyndon could answer questions on Linkbait , Liz could answer questions on good communication and successful blogging …

The list is endless really, we all have our strengths, you know your own far better than I. Share your knowledge, reach out to others, you might just be surprised at how they respond.

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