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Blackjack oops Blackyack a profitable gamble on a typo?

Blackjack oops Blackyack a profitable gamble on a typo?

Looking for blackjack? Sorry this post is about blackyack, agreed the y and the j are in pretty close proximity, so the typo is kind of understandable. If you want to have a gamble and lose your shirt, feel free to click the cards. 😀


bj.JPGSo I was over at davens blog and read about some partypoker affiliate program thing. Had a little look, and signed up for their affiliate program. Online gaming is massively competitive and not something that I’d bother my arse with to be honest. The mountains just too bloody high, and I don’t have the gloves or the hiking boots to get up there.

What I do have though is an experimental blog that I like to muck about with every now and then. It occured to me that Ive been getting quite a few referals for the word yack. Yup, probably because I have the word yack within my domain name as well as in links to my site. My authority and trust scores are pretty low at the moment, but are gaining grip and momentum. Its funny, people will link to and cite all manner of things and content.

It took me what, 2 minutes to join the partypoker aff scheme and 5 minutes to type up this post about a typo named BlackYack.

There is virtually no competition whatsover for the term blackyack, yet PPC marketers are bidding on it. Hehe they are even bidding on blackkack blacknack mack hack and all manner of similar variants.

Why? Well, like me they know too that people type fast and make errors. People rush rush rush queries into their search boxes, some people don’t even realise and just carry on clicking regardless of any google message that says ‘did you mean Blackjack’.

I’d be very surprised if i earnt 2 brass pennies for the 7 minutes of my time it took to write this post up, but )t’ll be interesting nonetheless just watching what happens. Hel$ you never know, we could even 3ee a how i earnt £600 from a t9po blackjack blackya!k experiment type blogpost in t e not too dista.t future. 😀

Meantime if you are feeling exc%ptionally lucky then do feel fr/e to use my affiliate link to signup and have a flutter or two 😉

Rob Watts
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5 thoughts on “Blackjack oops Blackyack a profitable gamble on a typo?

  1. Seo Advice Post author

    Hi Susan thus far? Not very much at all, in fact I’d say its in the region of zilch 😀

    Oh hang on, its earnt me a comment from you, what price should one put on that? 😀

    Actually I just tried to login to the affiliate account and couldn’t get in, if there is anything in there, I’ll report back here.

    The bigger point is however, that type in typo traffic can and does convert. Lots of sites exist purely on the basis of second guessing what someone might type incorrectly. Be it in a search engine or a browser address bar.

  2. Bev

    Profitable for the blackjack niche, or as a .com?

    If you monetize “a” site for that word i suppose you’ll get all kinds of players right.

    Hmm, have you done keyword research to see if anyone searches for it?

    I found you whilst searching for roulette 🙂

    Good luck

  3. Dicesa Casinol

    bidding on terms with incorrect spellings is a great tactic, I have used it many times but will definitely not be giving away the the miss spellings as they prove far too profitable, put it this way they are all gambling related and very very similar to the one’s mentioned in this post 😉

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