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Celebrity Big Brother 2007

Celebrity Big Brother 2007

Celebrity Big Bro 2007

I missed the live version of c4’s celebrity (note the small c) big brother   last night so have plotted my bottom on a big squishy cushion and have decided to watch it. I am finding it all mildy amusing. There is  this Donny Tourettes chap swearing and sounding off like a big plum, swearing for England sounding like a 1st class prick (with ears ) I think he’s a little bit lashed too,  no doubt got sloshed up before he entered the house. I’m loving some of the incredulous looks these people are giving him though – too funny, Jermaine Jackson just looked at him utterly bemused as he said “Hows ya fuckin Bruvva..” or words to that effect…anyhow enuff of him, he’s giving the swearers amongst us a bad name!

What’s really interesting, strictly from a people watcher perspective is how a group of strangers, z list celebs or not, kind of smile and form alliances and groupings at such an early stage. You can see them all sussing each other out deciding whether to buy or reject the new people in their lives. Cleo Rocos ( a girl who was famous for her knockers) has  taken a shine to our sweary upstart…and ooh, look who just walked in, its Face from the A Team (Dirk Benedict)  carrying his token big fuck off cigar. He was in Battlestar Galactica too and ha! Mr Tourettes has just been rude to Dirk Benedict he referred to him as  Dirk ‘Fuckin’ Benedict.

Ha, this show is funny – Its a giggle to watch people trying to impress each other; funnier still to see people embarrass themselves too!

Ken Russell (film director) is a character, big fat old boy, lively as anything, 80 odd years old, eccentric as hell, pink shirt ,purples trousers, green embroided waistcoat.

There’s a Bollywood star too. Shilpa Shetty good looking woman (funny name) ; but I wouldn’t have known she was famous.

There’s also Jo O’Meara (S Club 7), Ian ‘H’ (Steps) Danielle Llyod Lloyd (Model not very well known at all) Carole Malone (Carole who??) . Last but not least there’s Leo Sayer (“you make feel like dancing” – “when I need love”) 70’s singer, curly whirly hair.

I think I could get lost in a nightly  hour or so of this stuff for the next couple of weeks. Yeah, I know, just a bunch of show offs all trying to raise their profiles to relaunch their flagging careers and what not, but sometimes that’s when people can be at their bests; when they are hungry with a point to prove.

What does any of this have to do with search and technology? Um..its on the telly and err, just go and do a few googles for Celebrity Big brother and play spot the affiliate marketer site 😀

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