Making money from your Blog – What is your favourite method?

Blogging for profit?

Ok, not everyone wants to monetise their blog – some people equate money and blogging as some kind of dirty word almost. Some people still like to write for the hell of it and couldn’t really give a rats arse for any kind of monetary payback. Their payback is the reward that comes from getting people involved or simply venting their spleen on a topic near and dear to them.

Its not for me to pour scorn on any money hating anti capitalistic mindset, we can all rant and rave about market inequalities and the evils of money until the cows come home, yet nothing changes the reality of life, which is, we all need the stuff and to have a productive life, we tend to get out and find ways of acquiring it. The easier that task the better no? why work for the man, when you don’t have to, or at least not as hard maybe.

Earning yourself a passive income stream

Blogging and monetising that writing is an excellent way of creating passive streams of income. Passive streams of income are like bank accounts with lots of dosh in them. You get interest monthly and you don’t have to do very much for it.

Getting affiliate cheques every month is quite a pleasant feeling, trust me. 😀
Blogging for profit isn’t like traditional methods of selling ones labour. You can actually own the means of production, which is you, yourself and sell yourself as that product. Decide upon how much you charge, how much you are paid, when you take your breaks. IOW, it really has the potential to free you from traditional forms of work. Your traffic and authority levels can truly give you what you need. All you have to do is do the leg work and build something of value.

Blog Optimisation Experimentation and Cultivating your Niche

So, having tentatively established that there isn’t anything really evil about making money from your blog/s I just wanted to share some of the programs Ive used and see if I could get a little feedback from people with regard to their own experiences.

We all know that there are lots of ways of monetising ones blog. I’ve blogged on quite a few programs and have shared some of my experiences and gave opinions too. I’ve dabbled with paid reviews, and have recently added the buy me a beer plugin too, just to see if anyone actually uses the thing. After all it cost me $0.00 and took me 22 seconds to install. If I get one beer bought for me, I’m quids in 😀

It is very much early days for me. Many of my past web monetisation efforts have been in affiliate market sectors outside of the blogosphere. This is kinda cool though really, because Ive learnt a great deal about what it takes to get traffic and getting people to click through to stuff and funneling them along various paths which is absolutely central to any monetisation aim. I’m continually experimenting with the blogs I use and the methods I employ too, you have to, why wouldn’t you even, call it BO (Blog Optimisation) without any stink.

It’s a well known fact that some markets are definitely more lucrative than others. People also tend to guard their niches with their lives, as a saturated niche becomes that much harder to play in and compete with.

Every niche is different. Different people interact in different ways dependant upon what they are after. If you can ID those behaviours and tap them in to what you do and how and why you do it, then that’s a very good start in understanding what they are all about; as obvious as it is to say, it needs to be said nonetheless knowing your readership and giving them what they want is a key component in successfully monetising your blogging efforts. Sure, you can’t be all things to all men, but you can certainly be the populist and appeal to your greatest constituency.

Blog Monetization feedback

I put up a little poll recently and some of my readers have clicked on the ‘other’ option. Perhaps I should have added other options that covered the various sponsored blog type options that exist. Sponsored Reviews , Pay Per Post, ReviewMe then there is the buy-me-a beer thing that seems to have gotten people chin wagging all over the shop, ebay and Amazon, auctionAds, Azoogle and a few more I’ve probably forgotten about already.

I don’t have one to hand, but it would be kind of useful to have a list of all the various programs out there today and hear of peoples experiences with them. None of those check out my affiliate link type posts please, I’ll delete those in a heartbeat, but if you do have some experience of a program that you’ve used and are really happy with or sad with even! Then I’d love to hear all about it.

Maybe a quick Pros and Cons type comment even.


Bidvertiser Review (Sponsored)

This is a sponsored review of the bidvertiser advertising program. It contains affiliate links to the bidvertiser program.

I signed up with bidvertiser after reading Andy Beard’s Bidvertiser Review I even blogged on it myself too.

You can sign up as an Advertiser, a Publisher or Both. They also have a referal program where you can earn up to $50 for new publisher sign ups and $25 for new advertiser signup, both of which are conditional upon performance.

Advertising with Bidvertiser

I must confess I haven’t yet used the advertiser product, so can’t really comment on its effectiveness. I’m sure people will be able to find out info on this with a quick Google.

Publishing and Bidvertiser

I wasn’t too impressed with the backend system at bidvertiser. I briefly touched on those here . To elaborate further, my biggest issue was with what for me is just too clunky a system.

As a blogger I just want a quick and easy way of getting ads on my sites and getting paid. When you log in to the publisher backend you are auto opted in to a long list of advertisers. I didn’t enjoy having to go through 240 + advertisers disapproving sites I didn’t really feel were relevant. It was a royal PITA. I think a better system would give me an option to enable myself to opt out of all advertisers and then selectively choose which ones I wanted to allow. Sure, some people might not care what ads they show, probably because they have a broader reach or appeal yet for a tech blog like this I see little value for myself, my readers or potential advertisers in showing links to sites like Russian Brides 4 Marriage’ and ‘Casino’ and ‘Rehab, Drug and Alcohol’ . To make matters worse, once having been through what can only be described as the rigmarole of a disapproval process. I then found I had to go back and constantly tweak and add and disapprove as new advertisers came on board.

I really don’t have time to mess around like that,so for that reason and that reason alone I decided to remove the ad code.

Would I reconsider? Sure, yes of course I would, but before I did they’d have to improve upon how it currently works. I would like to see.

  • Catergorised ad channels – would allow me to more specific about the kinds of ad channels I wanted to show. If I run a tech site then I want tech related ads. If I run a drug rehab site then again the same kind of thing applies. I don’t see the point in showing ads to Russian Brides for Marriage websites as in 99.9% of cases very few people who read a tech blog are really that interested in such things. I want to give them ads that are in the very least somewhat related in some way.
  • Minimum bid rate options – What is the point in me showing ads from a network that are going to pay me such a base minimum. Niche blogs target all manner of sectors and themes. Different markets have different levels of participation and therefore profitability. A blog that deals with finance or gambling as a subject matter would ideally wish to display adverts of related content. Ads in this sector tend tomore expensive than those of other sectors due in the main to the high returns that can be made from serious program participants. A casino affiliate can earn great commisions, as can casino operators too, simply due to the high level of spend by the average new player. Why would any blogger blogging on the topic of gambling want to show a low bid 0.05c ad to a site talking about unrelated stuff, when a relevant ad could perform so much better. By having a minimum bid option, a site that decided on a benchmark level, could work from that base and if so wished exclude further as appropriate.
  • Opt in to advertiser options – I alluded to this above and understand that as a program bidvertiser wants to get their advertisers ads out there in the space, but jees, do please also appreciate that not all of your publishers are that carefree with who they link to or show even. If at least an option existed to automagically opt out of all, then this would be very much the welcome time saver. Publishers could then look at the list and selectively include whomever they saw fit. I’d like to be able to also have a a checkbox that prevented new advertisers from appearing as well as maybe an email alert otion if ‘ads opted in to ‘ fell below a certain threshold.Update:

    My bad. I have since noticed that there is an option to manually approve each new ad, and filter out sites you may not wish to publish; such as your competitors. I hadn’t noticed this though as it wasn’t immediately apparent.

    They also allow you to contact them and request inclusion in different categories. This domain was assigned to which to me is pretty restrictive Computer & Internet –> Internet Services –> Search Engines I dont get why if this is my classification I had ads for all manner of unrelated areas but hey…

Bidvertiser Referal Program

I think that the referal program has the potential to be a very good thing but feel that it could be improved somewhat. They offer up to $25 for advertiser sign ups and up to $50 for new publisher sign ups.

Whilst the lure of $25 and $50 per new sign up is on the face of things attractive, when you look at it further you do realise that once these thresholds are met, your bucks stop there.

It would be both cool and I’m sure affordable if there was some additional ongoing passive stream. Maybe some tiered bonuses relative to either advertiser spend or publisher income generation.

If bidvertiser are seriously looking to grow their publisher base then IMO they could do far worse then step up to the plate and offer its partners serious ongoing incentives.


On the whole I think bidvertiser has a lot of potential.

With a sufficient publisher and advertiser base it could obviously do very well indeed.

The success of Google, YPN, Adbrite and Kontera to name but a few are a living testament to this. I can’t vouch for the effectiveness of their ads from either an advertiser or publisher perspective. In many ways they look very similar to most of the other players in the marketplace and could certainly do with some additional formatting options. I think there are as witnessed by some of the advertisers who are using them, some excellent opportunities for the arbitragers of this world to come in to programs like this and exploit some of the low cost offerings that are to be had there.

Its obvious to conclude that a successful program of this type has to live up to the aims and expectations of all its constituents and users, with a little bit of work Bidvertiser IMO, could well do this.

update :

Bidvertiser – monetizing a blog?

WARNING:This is a post I might earn money from and contains affiliate links!!!!

I just read a review of Bidvertiser over at Andy beards Blog. If you run a blog and are looking to monetize it then you will no doubt be aware of the confusing array of options and providers out there. Adbrite, Adsense, Chikita are a few you may have heard of all which all help you make money from your blogging endeavours. You place some ads on your blog, a visitor sees an ad that attracts their eye, they click it, you get paid – simple as that.

I’d seen Bidvertiser ads on various sites across the Internet. I hadn’t paid them too much attention cos well, you gotta draw the line somewhere! There’s monetising your blogs and then there’s turning your blog into a big fat bunch of ads all over the shop which…well, doesn’t really work and kinda lowers the standard of whatever it is you are seeking to do with your blog.I’ve decided to give them a try and see how it goes on a blog or two.

Similar to other advertising and website monetisation programs, you have the choice to be either a publisher, an advertiser or both.

Bidvertiser Advertisers

They are currently offering  $20-00 worth of free clicks for new advertiser sign ups . I don’t want to make this sound like an advert or a review of Bidvertiser, so I’ll skip any elaboration on what makes them different, or why you should choose them. From an advertiser perspective, they could be good, they could be a pile of rubbish. You’ll have to suck it and see I guess, or go research reviews on the net from people who have used them already.

The thing to bear in mind is that they are probably marginally cheaper than other networks out there in terms of CPC, so could be a good bet for any arbitragers amongst you. Buy low sell high and all that 😀 . The great thing though is that they do seem to ge tthe idea that by giving advertisers more placement options and allowing them to bid accordingly that there are as a result some excellent early low cost conversion opportunities available to those who research their niche.

Bidvertiser Publishers

Similar to other programs, they offer a number of options for publishers in terms of ad type configuration, payment options, and optout options. They’ll pay you by cheque or Paypal . Ive opted for paypal for now, simply because cheque cashing is a PITA.

Bidvertiser is  pretty simple to use. You sign up, you place their code on your site and they pay you a % of any clicks ads outputted recieved.  You can even join their refereal program and receive up to $50 for getting a new referal too, which isn’t bad at all. It works in a way by saying that if a new publisher earns $10 then they’ll pay you the same. When a publisher earns $50, they’ll give you an additional $40. Most low monetised blogs easily achieve that over a year, so there could well be a little incentive there too.

There are other Internet advertising programs out there, with higher referal fees and more lucrative options; however when you balance some of those out against some of the achievement criteria, then they suddenly become a little less attractive, but more on those another day perhaps

You can read Andy’s review of bidvertiser here. Or sign up directly here for advertisers and here for publishers.

Good luck with it.

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