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I have a new domain acquistion .

Not sure what I’m going to do with it yet, ideas thus far are:

  • URL shortening service – a likely outcome
  • An affiliate website for biscuits, namely shortbread – not very likely
  • A random website for people in shorts to post photos online of themselves in um…shorts – even more unlikely
  • A blog type thing with short stories. from budding wordsmiths – perhaps
  • A website for people to buy stuff for little people – um, you just never know

That’s it, for now I can’t think of any others – maybe you can in the comments

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3 thoughts on “ – New Domain

  1. Mainostoimisto = Short stories around the world.


    1) Easy to find content and since it´s supposed to be short the content will allways be new. Great for outgoing links too.
    2) Current. The blog is allways on top of things and most of the time you don´t even have write your own toughts.
    3) If it´s done well it would unite all major news sites and your favourites and featured from followers lists.
    4) High quantity of quality traffic.
    5) Appeals to all demografics.
    6) Can be implemented with allmost all affiliate and ad programs.

    Mainostoimisto Hehkulamppu

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