Month: October 2010

How Important Are Marketing Conferences and Events to You?

Marketing Conferences – which ones matter to you?

In an age of information overload – marketers and techies have to choose wisely in their choice of which conferences to attend. If you are a speaker or product promoter, then it’s vital to get your voice heard before your prospects and potential new customers.

If you are looking to broaden your knowledge, network or understanding, then conferences and events can be a great way of achieving this.

Of course, you have to draw the line somewhere.  You can’t spend your life attending conferences week in week out. Your liver won’t think too highly of you and your pocket could become considerably lighter as a result.

Be it adtech, pubcon, SES, SMX, Blogworld the list could go on….What are your must see’s for the remainder of 2010 and 2011?

Would love to hear your views!

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Update: Marty and Amrit were kind enough to respond to a tweet I asked earlier. Thanks guys!

Paul Carr Invisible Journo Hacked by Cloaking Script

Paul Carr Tech journo for Techcrunch, Guardian and author of various books has had his WordPress install hacked.

For those who haven’t heard of him, he’s the guy who deleted his 10,000 follower twitter account, Facebook account and practically every other social web service out there, thus rendering himself, almost invisible on the webs  ‘social’  accounts.

The hack works in a way whereby it identifies user-agents and serves up different content based on the agents user name. So in the case of Mr Carr’s website, the agent in this case is Googlebot the bot used by Google to spider the web.

The hacker script serves up content with links to Cialis and other Pharmacy type websites to Googlebot, whilst showing the unhacked content to everyone else. Continue reading

Is there a long term future for PPC management of large accounts?

Should large PPC advertisers outsource their PPC management?

I thought I’d ask the question, and see what others think..

My 2 cents is that I think there’s a bright future for the management of SME accounts as many SME’s will seldom have the experience or expertise to manage their accounts effectively. The whole set up and learning of the adwords system and marketing in general, makes it an almost no brainer for the non experienced SME to go with a specialist agency charging reasonable fees.

There are of course tools out there like Kenshoo and Marin which make the process a little easier, but ultimately as a piece of software alone, lack the marketing nous and understanding that a human being can impart. Continue reading

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