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Fake Car Jacking or Real ?

It’s things like this that have a habit of going viral… funny BUT too close to where I live

Google to allow gambling ads on its UK Adwords SERPs

Pretty big news from Latitude,  Google are to allow gambling ads on UK Adwords! Due to recent changes in legislation laws surrounding online gambling advertising, Google had decided as of tomorrow to allow gambling PPC adverts to be shown in the UK. They have been speaking direct to clients to…

Consciousness Shared – Tweet Sensations

Twitter is a communication phenomenon Remember those things called blogs? The things that enabled people to publish their thoughts and share their passions , enthusiasms and ideas with the world? It’s moving on apace, it seems that every cat and his dog is doing the tweet thing lately, and if…

Forex blogs make money – as can any niche you just gotta add value

Any niche can make money I was on twitter earlier and saw a tweet from Patrick saying that you can’t earn a commission from a car blog. Whilst I get what he is saying on the traditionally available content and relationship route ( ) etc, the reality is though that…

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