Month: September 2008

Why WP Needs a Compare Cache Against Post Plugin

Recently I had a few blogs hacked.

The reason, simple – I didn’t upgrade my WP installs and I didn’t check every single plugin I installed for safety and security (who does) . Lots of people don’t, a simple query on Google will show you 1000’s that haven’t either.

Why? Well, one of the reasons is that it used to be very difficult, or shall we say, cumbersome to do so. You had to jump through all kinds of hoops and it was a basic PITA.

Well, apparently, it isn’t anymore. There’s even an automatic upgrade wordpress plugin that checks your install and helps you sort it out.

Ok, so yes, lots of people are going to scream serves you right Rob, you should have updated your code..but come on, get real, who does so religiously and what about holidays or illness or time away from the computer, hacks are going to happen, even with the latest suped up versions.

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Blog got hacked sigh

Some mofo hacked the blog which stopped it from ranking.

Webmaster tools told me nothing, which ok, Ive bashed Google a little in the past but..what about the squillions of bloggers who don’t know what to look for and are getting randomly penalised?

Google or Matt they got Naylor and a few others too, isn’t about time you gave people a heads up before banning them?

A little email to at webmaster would be nice.

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