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Blogging and making money – a state the obvious perspective part one

Lately I’ve found myself looking at this blog an thinking, god Rob you moaning whinging whining minnie.

I want to say something positive and talk about opportunities that exist for people who like to blah blah blah.

Everyone already knows about Google Adsense, so I’m not going to talk about them or any other program too specifically but I may include a link or two to a couple of others that I use and have found to be ok.

This post isn’t for you uber smart folks who are already doing this stuff, it’s more a general dumbing down thing for everyone else who might happen to think that this stuff is in some way hard or difficult, as you know already it isn’t it’s piss easy. All you need is half a brain an opinion and a blog.

So you want to be a blogger on the world wide web?

First off, lets just say that in an ideal world you’d take some time out to actually think about what you were going to do and how you were going to do it. I’m going to lay it all out in steps and give my idealised approach followed by a not so idealised approach, you can then do whatever it is you want to do with it. Don’t expect me to finish it all today, I’m going to start the piece and write til I think Ive said enough for part one and carry on another day.

Why Blogging and making money – a state the obvious perspective? First off, it’s a state the obvious perspective as I really don’t understand why someone wouldn’t want to at least try and passively monetise whatever it is they are sharing.If you are writing online for somebody else then you might as well write for yourself. There are exceptions of course, but generally I don’t see why anyone would want to write for anybody else and not get paid for their efforts.

People just don’t realise that if a search engine is spidering their content, then like it or not, they are already monetising your content! If you are writing on a blog platform that is privately owned then again whilst it may not be obvious, you can bet your bottom dollar that your content is adding value to them and their bottom line somewhere down the line.

There are already 1000’s upon 1000’s of people writing online making other people money and they don’t even realise it.They are caught up in this oooh lovely idea around the ‘coolness’ factor of being able to communicate ‘online’ they really don’t see that whilst they may well be loving every minute of what they do, that they could also do the very same thing and earn a few extra pennies too, with minimum effort and minimal cost.

You really don’t have to make the same mistake as them and if you already are, then perhaps this little piece might help you to break out and start monetising your own works too.

Getting the ball rolling

Get an idea – The hardest part in all this might be deciding what you want to blog about.

I’d love to say that you should start off by picking a niche that is going to make you a lot of money and todo that all you need to do is do x y and z and you’ll find the current top paying PPC keywords and all of that, but I’m not going to. Why? Because most people struggling with jobs and bills and day to day activities just simply won’t have the focus and determination to talk about or monetise stuff that they just aren’t really interested in, far better in my opinion to write about stuff that you know and have a bit of an interest in.

Brainstorm an idea – Start out by getting a pen and paper or open up notepad and write down a few things that pop into your head, things that you enjoy and have a passion about.

Write about stuff you like – There’s no point blogging about some old crap that you aren’t interested in, write about things that get your juices flowing, tell people what you think or feel about something and why. By getting that mesage across with passion and verve, you’ll find it easier to build a little following and get people reading you.

People are different but the same – Some people like to blog about random stuff that enters their heads.

This is perfectly ok, even if you are a certified loon, someone somewhere might just enjoy what you have to say. People aren’t as dissimilar as we like to think we are. We all like to eat nice food, talk about things that make us smile and laugh, sometimes cry. We like to talk about our hopes and fears and aspirations, our kids, our friends, TV shows, politics, films, music, sex and our vices, clothes and fashion, shops we like, stores that are offering special offers, places to avoid, hotels that we’ve stayed in, resorts we’ve visited, airlines we used to get there, the people we encountered. Some of us are great advisors having an ability to problem solve and help others, some of us are just funny and like to make people smile and laugh, some of us are ranty sons of bitches, some of us are sensual horny mudder fudder, some of us are loudmothed opinionated know all know nothings, whatever we may be, we all have something to say and we will always find someone somewhere who’ll be inspired/depressed/irritated/amused/aroused by what we say.

Ok where next? So you have your idea, you’ve been around the block a couple of times and researched what it is you are going to write about. You’ve checked out a few other blogs and websites and made a note or two of the kind of stuff that’s already out there, you’ve even wrote up a few pieces in word documents, you may already have stuff on 43things or Bebo or facebook you are just unsure as to where to go next. The whole idea of getting a webhost account and installing a wordpress blog for example just fills you with dread and is kinda scary. Have no fear, it is really easy you have nothing to worry about.

For me the self hosted route is the best option- People seem daunted by the idea of setting it all up for themselves yet if they look into it they’ll find that all they needis a hosting account and a domain name a blog install and they are off Those links referenced offer hosting with a free domain name, eg for just $6.95 per month and offer great customer support on set up issues. Once you have that done you are good to go.

Just login to your blog control panel with your username and password, activate your theme or choose from the 1000’s of free ones out there and start writing.

There are 100’s of tutorials out there for those looking to fine tune and hone their installs, but that’s a topic for another day.

I’ m done for now (I’ ve a problem with my space bar which is driving me nuts) but in the next blog on this topic I’ll talk a little more about the basics around blogging and some of the ways you can monetise what you do. Meantime, have a great day or night or whatever and thanks for reading. If you have any specific thoughts or suggestions of topics you’d like to see covered then do feel free to drop something in the comments box.

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Techy problems behind the scenes

As some of  you may have noticed, I’ve been having database problems. If I’m not ‘here’ then you know where I’ve gone. To say it sucks is an understatement.  I’m able to login in at the moment but for how long is another issue entirely.

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Adding images to your blog posts with Flickr

Some of you might have heard of a website named Flickr. I like flickr its a cool little place to share your photos or store them online, anyhow…did you know that you can also access these pictures and add them to your blog posts?

The code below will show all images that have been tagged sunny

<p id=”flickr_badge_wrapper” align=”center”>
<script src=”
display=latest&size=s&layout=h&source=all_tag&tag=sunny” type=”text/javascript”></script></p>

This how it looks when outputted to the blogpost 5 small horizontal images.

You can specify,horizontal,vertical by picture size and number too.

Here is the same keyword but larger and with only one image specified.

All you need to do is play with the variables size=s gives you small size=m gives you medium and size=l gives you large. Count specifies the number eg count=4 would show 4 images.

The downside is that it’s a little random, but if you want to show images from people who have ok’ed public distribution then it’s a handy little way of adding an extra dimension to your blog posts or pages.

Ifyou you’d like the images to look like those above then you’ll need to add the code below  to your stylesheet or head of your post but do make sure to include the <style></style> tags if going via the head option.

#flickr_badge_source_txt {padding:0; font: 11px Arial, Helvetica, Sans serif; color:#666666;}
#flickr_badge_icon {display:block !important; margin:0 !important; border: 1px solid rgb(0, 0, 0) !important;}
#flickr_icon_td {padding:0 5px 0 0 !important;}
.flickr_badge_image {text-align:center !important;}
.flickr_badge_image img {border: 1px solid black !important;}
#flickr_www {display:block; padding:0 10px 0 10px !important; font: 11px Arial, Helvetica, Sans serif !important; color:#3993ff !important;}
#flickr_badge_uber_wrapper a:hover,
#flickr_badge_uber_wrapper a:link,
#flickr_badge_uber_wrapper a:active,
#flickr_badge_uber_wrapper a:visited {text-decoration:none !important; background:inherit !important;color:#3993ff;}
#flickr_badge_wrapper {}
#flickr_badge_source {padding:0 !important; font: 11px Arial, Helvetica, Sans serif !important; color:#666666 !important;}

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SEO blogger to SEO evil link selling bad ass spammer bastard

Luigi the Blacksmith

I’m reminded of a joke that talks about a blacksmith named Luigi who lived in the Welsh Valleys. Luigi was complaing about a nickname he had acquired and how his reputation had been damaged. All his long life he had worked hard as a blacksmith, fitting new shoes, looking after the horses of the farmers and the gentry, he really thought it unfair that he should be labelled in the way that he had. “20 years a blacksmith, I’m Luigi the Blacksmith, 2 minutes with a sheep and I’m Luigi the sheep shagger”

Reputation hits hurt

The serious point is that for whatever reason, this blog like many others appears to have taken a visible greenbar hit. The greenbar representation does not equate to this blogs link profile.

My little Luigi joke is related to the fact that I have actually made in the 10 months I’ve been blogging here just one sponsored review (which was clearly labelled as such) does this make me some kind of link selling evil seo bastard? Of course not, it’s ridiculous to assert such a thing, yet why else? Why else has this blog seen such a marked drop in its green toolbar PR?

I really wasn’t going to say anymore on this PR thing(plenty has been said already) but I was kinda narked so decided that I just had to pass comment – get it off my chest and be done with it.

I don’t really care that my visible PR has been penalised, but I do care about the reasons behind it, I think it’s an infantile and ridiculous thing to do, the sortof thing some blind cyclops might engage in some cave somewhere.

Last week this blog had a toolbar PR of 4, yesterday it was 3 today it is 2 tommorrow I might be 1.

I don’t sell text links

First off, for the record. I do not sell text links on this website. I’ve discussed things like reviewme and payperpost and TLA and sponsoredreviews because they happened to pertain to what some of what this blog discusses, which so happens to be the monetisation of written content.

Lets take TLA for example, I like many others have a link through to their stuff via some affid banner or text, mine happen to be nofollowed. I nofollowedthese because I’m not a total idiot, I have no desire to stick two fingers up to a company that happens to deliver paying customers every once in a while, that would be silly, that said I still have the right to monetise what I do in any way that I choose to, it’s for me to weigh up the pros and cons of course. Which is why I took the decision to nofollow my PPP and TLA links from the outset.Ithought thatthiswas what people like Mr C had requested. I didn’t like it, but took a broad based decision deciding it was one of those fights for another day.

The reasons were 2 fold.

Reason 1 as I’ve said already I didn’t want to antogonise the 800lb gorilla and reason 2, I didn’t want to leak any juice to stuff that basically already had my tacit support by virtue of me placing their code on my real estate. That action alone was enough, they didn’t merit site wide dofollows too, that would have been like me paying them twice.

No Nofollow blog?

Perhaps they don’t like the fact that by and large this happens to be a dofollow blog. I allow followed links for those who take the time to comment here. Those who are denied are usually done so on the back of a choice taken by me that feels that they are either spamming me or just generally have one of those aint worth sixpence type websites.

Suffice to say that there is not one thing I’ve done on this blog that is outside of any search engine guideline.

Don’t poke the big fat ape

Ive critiscised them a little sure, who hasn’t and why wouldn’t I even. Christ I blog about seo and search engines, lots of others do too. I ask my readers questions I am genuinely interested in what others think, it’s one of the reasons why I post little polls and ask sensitive questions. If that’s a reason (which I doubt) then that’s just a little pathetic. Google have to recognise that criticism comes with the terrority. The feudal lord has raised his tax take,people will complain and criticise, it’s part of the human condition, always has been always will.

Begging forgiveness

Would I consider a reinclusion request and admit to ‘wrong doing’ or ‘badness’ or being evil? Heck no. Their egos are theirs and theirs alone to live with, why the fuck should I go cap in hand confessing like some remorseful sinner for something that is so asinine it’s barely worth geting flummoxed about!

As Andy said in a previous post when he was first slapped. To those who don’t know and view the Pagerank green bar thing as a signal of quality, then it looks like I have a low grade shitty blog. Google is saying this blog is crap and not to be trusted. That really isn’t on.

Whoa whoa calm down…?

Of course…all of this could but be a step back to the days of old where PR updates were a part of the regular landscape.In the absence of any official statement from the Google FUD machine it’s all people can do but speculate.

Lots of people today are reporting fluctuations, some blogs that had seen a toolbar drop the other day have seen a return to form, others (like mine) have seen a worsening.

Andy put together a little list

Domain Starting PR 1st PR Update 2nd PR Update Today’s PR 6 6 4 4 or 6 7 7 5 5 or 7 6 6 4 6 6 6 4 6 or 7 6 6 4 4 or 6 6 6 4 4 or 6 7 6 4 4 or 5 7 7 4 4 or 6 6 5 4 4 or 5 6 6 3 3 or 5 7 7 4 4 or 6 6 6 4 4 or 6 5 4 3 3 4 or 5 6 6 4 4 or 6 7 7 5 4 5 or 6 7 7 5 5 or 7 7 7 5 5 or 7 6 6 3 3 or 5 8 8 5 4 5 or 6 3 3 2 1 or 2 3 2 1 1 2 3 or 4 7 7 5 5 or 7 5 5 3 3 or 5 7 7 5 5 7 or 8 6 6 4 5 4 or 6 6 5 3 3 or 5
The following are site updates which were not hit by a penalty previously for comparison purposes 7 7 7 5 4 4 4 6 7 7 7 7 5 5 5 6 6 6 6 3 or 5
More news and updates available from source Andy Beard – Niche Marketing

I don’t get why Google are getting so hatey with the people who collectively, helped them become as strong and as wealthy as they have. Its like we all created a Frankensteins monster that is just out of control having swigged a bottle of A grade Vodka smashing up the laboratory, trying to get to Dr Frankenstein and wring his neck!

It’s bad bad karma, its arrogant, it’s lots of depressing little things, that for now I’ve already spent far too much of this precious thing called life on.

Have a great day!

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Don’t ever bank on free traffic, build on it

Maki wrote a good blog post today that for me spoke about marketing and creating things of value that have the efffect of creating converted users; that’s, people who will buy into whatever it is you do or are trying to achieve.

Be it via a comment, a hit of a subscription button, an add to favourites action , a credit card transaction or a link through to what you wrote or advertised, the bottom line is that without any of these sorts of actions, the likelihood is that you are either writing for yourself or selling something that is overpriced and overvalued or just not worth discussing.

Don’t rely on search engines

Free search engine traffic is great. A most welcome bonus that if used correctly, can help build a following, but that’s where it stops. If you are obsessing about building your rankings then your target sight is off kilter, you are looking at the wrong part of the equation.

Posts like the ones from across the blogosphere today and in the previous weeks regarding PR and paid links should be a wake up call for anyone who is serious about earning a living from a website online. If you remind yourself that your free traffic is very likely to be a transitory thing, if you tell yourself everyday that your free search engine generated traffic is likely to disappear tommorrow, then you’ll be doing yourself a huge favour.

Search Engines are not automated non policed systems, they do employ people to look at certain things and do take actions against people as and when they see fit.

You can complain until the cows come home but at the end of it all, rightly or wrongly they can do whatever the hell they like, when they like and how they like. There is no court of appeal, you can’t storm parliament, go on strike or sit out in the road, neither can you chain yourself to a fence either, if they kill your site and you care about or genuinely need or rely upon the traffic they send to you, then as harsh as it might sound – without a plan or loyal following you might as well just shut up shop, or get used to talking to yourself!

Yeah yeah, so what’s the plan then smarty arse?

Well…but of course there are positives, you don’t have to sit around burying your head in the sand hoping that you are never hit, you can at least try and adopt a meritocratic world view and build real traffic, *your* traffic, people who visit you because others have discussed you in some way because you are doing something or selling something or just saying something that adds value to the world and the playground in which you are kicking your ball around in. Be it via word of mouth or some href piece of html.

Take a look at these blogs here, all of whom have seen a reduction in their visible toolbar PR

Auto Blog




Then look at their webstats and their site metrics, look at their published subscriber numbers. Look at their Alexa, compete and technorati numbers. Look at the people who are commenting on their stuff, look at how well they are linked to and on what sort of terms. Then ask yourself why that is, I tell you what, I’ll save you the bother with the answer, as the answer is simple – All of the above are quality resources with something to say, it really is that simple.

Maki’s right

Google is an factor that is outside of your control. Sure, you can follow their rules or adjust your behavior to fit in but that still doesn’t put Google within your palm. What do good entrepreneurs do with uncontrollable factors? They create what-if contingency plans to accommodate for possible loss

Sigh – I’ll leave you with this little Portishead track, cos it kinda has a few on target lyrics, ‘you don’t get something for nothing, gotta try a little harder’

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