Month: January 2007

2000 bloggers


What a great idea, nuff said really.

Podcasting – who has the time for the buggers?

Don’t turn me off

Ever go to a webpage only to find the extension of someones ego splattered all over it by way of a ‘cheery’ little ditto or cheesy corporate adblurb? You know the type, ‘Welcome to the leading innovator in top notch BS’.

I guess its one of the reasons why I browse with my audio switched to off. If its 3am and my kids are asleep, I really don’t need them hearing it. Why do people do this? God knows; bad design choices I guess. Too much of an ‘Oh I love what I have so much I want to force it on every person who shows up’ syndrome going on.

IOW sound for some of us,just doesn’t cut it. We don’t want it shoved in our mushes, choice is the order of the day. Which brings me on to a particular blog fad that I’ve seen pop up here and there. Continue reading

Knowing your MyBlogLog Visitors

I’ve developed a little program that will give you a few extra metrics on your MyBlogLog visitors.

If you’d like to use it then just visit this url and follow the instructions.

Its pretty basic, but does offer a couple of features that MBL does not currently.Things like user pageviews, number of visits, last day visited, that kind of thing.

Its completely opt-in, you need to add some code on your webpages in order for it to work. It will only give you stats for visitors who have a mbl account and have opted for stat recording.

I’m going to add bits and pieces as times permits, eg allow non MBL users to sign up too, but in the meantime, feel free to have a look at it and use it.


If you notice any problems or experience any difficulties or would like to offer suggestions for improvement, then please feel free to share your viewpoint here.

I hope you like it and find it useful.

Update Numero 2:

If logical is equal to logical and logical is not equal to illogical then logical is not equal to illogical, else illogical is equal to true. 😀

Trust me, thats how it gets ya at times! Ive made a number of little tweaks that should make this whole thing perform a little more reliably. Can you believe that I was trying to stat people via a combination of IP address, useragents, MBL lookups and all that? Sheesh, not good. Ive adopted a cookie approach, which I should have done from the outset but for some reason couldn’t quite work it out and ended up going in little circuitous ever decreasing smack my head against the wall circles! Anyhow, I think I’ve cracked it now so we shall see.

If people don’t accept cookies then it won’t work, but I guess thats pretty academic cos mybloglog uses them too.

Ive got a little outstanding issue with regard to people having multiple websites in their mybloglog accounts. I have to adapt the parsing script to allow for that, and hope to do so soon.

That’ll do for now, EOB.

Will a long Blogroll flush your site down the search engine ranking toilet?

Brad wrote an interesting piece today which got me thinking about the topic of linking out, authority scores, pagerank leakage and all those old chestnuts.

Lots of papers out there on PageRank and theories and counter theories on how linking out can effect your PR adversely/positively and all that, so I’m not going to rehash any of those arguments.

I have to confess, there was a time when I was kinda obsessed with the whole SEO PR leakage thing too, worring about ‘bleeding’ precious PR and all that jazz, however I do think the ‘game’ has moved on a little, in terms of the SE algo’s have matured to a more considered examination of what is and what is not a good or a bad page worth ranking. Why do I think this? Well just go and look at a few well ranking sites and see how they link out. One immediate one that springs to mind is Wikipedia, although their recent decision to stick a nofollow tag on their outbounds may come back and bite them ( I hope) 😉.

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Social Media Marketing, Baiting and SEO

I read a very good blog post this morning from the old linkmeister himself NickW.

He talks about linkbaiting generally, what makes for good vs what makes for bad and touches on its newly born cousin ‘widgetbait’, a term I heard for the 1st time yesterday in a private discussion with Lyndon . More on widgets further on.

Anyways, getting back to Nick. For those of you who don’t know him or have never had the pleasure/displeasure to encounter his often acerbic wit, he’s the guy responsible for setting up Threadwatch , Performancing and the recently launched click influence and is generally credited with coining the phrase Linkbait. He’s a good egg, who tells it like it is.
Besides damn hard work a big aspect behind Nick’s success with these ventures has been his ability to stimulate debate amongst the community by writing interesting content that actually has something to say.


He gets people talking about stuff. Simple huh? Very rarely will you read a longish blog from Nick that doesn’t have something to add to the mix. He wins, we win. He gains links and kudos, we learn a little and maybe grab an idea or get incentivised to modify or adapt or use whatever it is he might be talking about. Does he hit it everytime? No, of course not, he’s human like the rest of us, but he’s certainly worth some closer scrutiny…

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Server Outage

The 2nd floor of IFL2 had a total loss of power this afternoon. 3 hours is like forever in this internet world of ours.

Its a pain. You have to go in to your PPC accounts and turn the buggers off, meanwhile you are stressing cos you just know your customers are going to be on the phone imminently added to which all you can tell them is its being attended too. They forget about the other 364 days of trouble freeness and just humph and grump at the massive inconvenience of it all, can’t blame them I spose, they’ve paid for a service and want it up, as do I.
Anyways, I’m glad to be back, I’ve fielded 35 where are my email questions, so am now gonna sit down and have a hot chocolate and general lookabout.

What do you do when your provider drops the ball? Do you get all stressed or do you just shrug and go for a walk?

Google Ranking – Want to perform well? Bring on the subs.

If you’ve ever launched a new website, especially since 2005, then you’ll know that it can take quite some time to be found for your target kw’s and phrases within the search engines.This is a little look at Google and how it treats new domains and how trust and authority are bestowed from parent domains to subdomains and how it can be an effective strategy in kick starting a new campaign, without excessive reliance on PPC campaigns.
I launched a new subdomain on the 1st January 2007. It fitted in with one of my new years resolutions of blog regularly.

I wrote a few posts about various odds and sods as and when they occured to me. I gave them logical titles and didn’t give too much thought to any SEO’d page content and structure strategy. It was a WordPress subdomain in the form of

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