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Getting links like a laughing lady chewbacca style 2016

The Candace Payne Chewbacca Mask Lady Story I love the Chewbacca mask toy story of Candace Payne and whilst some believe it may have been intentional and designed to generate sales for a new toy, do you know what? I really couldn't care if it was. It's a great happy…

Breaking News: Google Continues Cannibalising Search Results

So the recent change in how Google displays its ads on its search engine has already pulled up a number of interesting outcomes with agencies that manage large accounts reporting a number of standouts. An increase in CTR of 16% across SERPs should be pretty concerning to folks in the organic…

Don’t interrupt it’s rude…

Interruption Is The Prelude to Engagement "Don't interrupt, it's rude" at least that's what I'd hear when I was little. So eventually, you learn how to interrupt in a way that isn't rude. You do so with timing, with skill and grace that reads the right moment and has the most impact.…

New Year – New SEO Products – Links, Audits and Reviews

Hello - I'm excited to announce the release of some really useful SEO products for 2016. The products are aimed at marketers and business owners and lazy SEO's who'd rather not do the work themselves. Presently, there are three four to choose from but I'll be developing more as time allows. It's a bit of…

What Should An SEO Do For My Business If I Have A Problem

It's a fair question, and one that will get different responses from different companies. Ultimately, your SEO will be looking to identify and unblock any bottlenecks and help return your domains search engine visibility for queries that are important to your business. In this post, we are going to look…
OMG My Search Engine Rankings have Died

What should you do if your website traffic falls off a cliff?

"OMG Our Search Engine Rankings Have Died!!" First off, it isn't funny, at all.  It's totally traumatic. If you've enjoyed months or years of traffic for keywords relevant to your business and it's switched off overnight, then it's truly going to impact you and your business. You have bills to pay, staff…

Giving Your Content Marketing Happy Outreach and Amplification

Content marketing. It's been a bit of a buzz phrase now for a time. I'm going to write about what people should consider when creating new content and how and where they should distribute it. If you don't have the time to read all this. Here's the TL;DR version. Give…

Adding links to the copied user clipboard and appending a link to the text

Tynt's a great product, I like it it has a cool stats page and overall I think it's a great innovation. Check it out if you don't know what it does. I wanted something similar that wasn't dependent on a 3rd party service that I could play with and tweak…

Playing With Attribution Modelling and Getting Aha moments

One of the great things about working for yourself is that subject to resource you can virtually do what you like. I spend far too many hours messing around with what I've learnt over the years and applying aspects that will offer limited return. I guess I do it because it's…

How easy is it to determine a good or a bad link?

Is that a Good Link or a Bad Link? I played with a new tool this morning. It was some kind of link evaluation tool. It purported to tell you whether a link from a URL was good or bad or somewhere in the middle. Cool, I thought. So I…